Eye-Ya-Ya | The Incredible Dr. Pol

NARRATOR: Bruzer, a
one-month-old pit bull, is a lover not a fighter. He likes to be held a lot
more than the other puppies do. NARRATOR: But Bruzer’s banged
up, and Chad’s worried. CHAD ANDREAS: Bruzer has an
eye that’s kind of infected. We’re afraid one of
the other puppies might have scratched it. You always have
to worry about eyes. You never leave them untreated. CHAD ANDREAS: He doesn’t want
to let you look in there. DOC EMILY: Let me go
find some numbing drops. NARRATOR: Doc Emily
has to see Bruzer’s eye to diagnose the problem. DOC EMILY: Bruzer’s
really painful. So I’m going to try to
deaden the pain for him and see if I can
see it that way. [kissing sounds] DOC EMILY: No, Bruzer. DOC EMILY (VOICEOVER):
Unfortunately, that doesn’t work too well. He’s not going to let me
look at that thing, is he? DOC EMILY (VOICEOVER): Every
time I try to look at his eye, he has a muscle that can pull
the eyeball into the head. Yeah, he’s just
drawing it back. DOC EMILY (VOICEOVER):
I’m having trouble really seeing it. It keeps getting covered up. DOC EMILY: Bruzer. [kissing sounds] NARRATOR: It’s going to
take more than coaxing. DOC EMILY: He is avoiding it. NARRATOR: To get this
baby to cooperate. CHAD ANDREAS: Nope,
not happening. NARRATOR: Luckily, Dr. Emily
has a trick up her sleeve. What I have to do now is
just get him to kind of want to look around and open
the eye without him knowing I’m looking. It’s kind of tricky. DOC EMILY: He’s looking for
me to do something bad to him again. Where is she coming from? Get your foot on there. [bruzer whimpering] Oh, goodness. That’ll get your eyes
open open, won’t it? Come here. Looks like a little
ulcer on the top. An ulcer often looks like
a cloudiness in the eye, and you can sometimes
see a little divot. NARRATOR: Bruzer’s
ulcer is severe. DOC EMILY: Well,
that’s really ugly. NARRATOR: One this large could
cause permanent damage, even blindness. It could definitely get worse. It could get worse fast. I just want to snuggle you. So I’m going to give you some
antibiotics to put in his eye. I’m also going to give him
a little anti-inflammatory to bring the pain and
inflammation down. It’s a lot of work to get
eyes to heal, especially when they’re this serious. You’re very cute. I hope we caught
this one in time. With eyes, the quicker
you respond the better. All right, so he
can come on out. CHAD ANDREAS: Still
a little nervous, but we’re hoping he
heals up and does better.


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