Eye Pops Out: World Record For Eyes Bulging Out The Furthest

Hi, I’m The eye Popper. I have the world record
for the furthest I pop in the Guinness Book of World Records. They measure how far they come out it was 11 millimeters now it’s 12.
I’d be my record in 2007. I figured out how I can do this when I accidentally hit my eye on Halloween and it popped out. To where I had to push it back in. Just messing around at home in the mirror. I taught myself how to do. Some
people think that is freaky. They run Some people want to see it over and over
and over again. One more time. One night I was watching David Letterman and he was having auditions for his stupid human trick show and I went downtown Chicago on an audition at the CBS station and they loved it. It just blew up from there. My phone rang off the hook. I traveled around the world I went
to about five different countries. I’ve done a few commercials I would love to
get back into it. There’s no trick to pop my eyes out. I don’t know how i do it. I
can push them out and they go back in the same way they come out. The most
common question is does it hurt. If it hurt I wouldn’t do it and no my eyes do
not dry out and it’s not they don’t get stuck and I’m not afraid of them getting
stuck. Every country that I’m gone to only men ask me if that happens when I have sex and the answer is no… I’ve always
had big eyes when I was a kid I use it the cold popeye. Now I get paid for being a popeye.


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