Eye Popping With The Hollywood Eye Popper Chefboybonez

go gadget I said the first time I ever
popped my eyes I was in high school which is one day in particular I was
playing with my eyes and I pop my eyes out on everybody cleaned down the button
oh yeah the eye-popping career started in their yard wash my boat big eye game it’s
free petty so yeah man I started doing Instagram two months ago we’ve been
three months now and it shot off Supreme Pat it is crazy a dude that squirts
lemon and lime juice in his eyes I don’t advise anybody to do this and I’m like I
gotta toss this video and we got some lemon and lime juice and pop my eyes out
squirt at the lemon and lime juice in my eyes and Rose squirted Windex in my eyes
and they did a million views in one day if narrows out of here with from 3000
followers 200,000 followers one thing that’s super funny is itrex sometimes
are welcome distract like iRobot II but you haven’t learned at new tricks
oh my pop in a bowtie learn how to just pop one out puff that left on that light
pop I’d say her name come to Hollywood and energy on
Instagram team of swagger and I’ll let Popeyes out man like people
get a kick out of this so admirable figure they don’t really know how to
react to it some people are weirded out with it by
it when I go out now people around town they recognize me I’m sure some people
have some pictures I love doing it man randomly like just
being out in public restaurants walking down the street I
was down and got my other people just be chick-fil-a anybody out there that has
any type of gift and don’t be afraid to express yourself because there’s a lot
of people out there to have so many great talents who are afraid to express
herself I mean I was one of those people honestly you know not really knowing how
people would accept me for how the world would accept me and just really having
enough courage I would say believe in yourself and I really care what people
think you know but everybody’s weird and they don’t stop away so they’re just be
weird and be you and I think being you is the best thing you can do daba Raziel
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