Experience What It’s Like to Live With Poor Vision in a Classroom

(soft music) students that have vision problems in
school I have noticed that they are sometimes a little more timid sometimes they’re afraid to ask questions because they’re less sure of themselves and they don’t want to be singled out (soft music) I go as as an adult but this is actually kind of
very interesting to me because I don’t go to the optometrist for my children (soft music) what surprised me was how real it looked and how close it resembles the actual difficulty in seeing the board from the back of the room it got really frustrating really fast to
be in the back of the classroom and to not be able to see what the numbers were trying to figure out the problem during the simulation when I was asked
to pick up the math book the first time I did that I picked up the wrong book the protractor I couldn’t even find it because my vision was off it wasn’t 20/20 I just couldn’t see in general it just was it was blurry and couldn’t tell what the objects were it was really enlightening because you don’t think about what it would be like to be in that situation kids that have never had an
eye exam really don’t understand that’s not normal simulating that and also showing an adult
who does have good correction too I think it’s a great simulation on ok this is what maybe you’re kids seeing (soft music) but seeing something like this we may need to get a deeper dive and go to an
optometrist instead of just getting the regular check from the pediatrician (soft music) the VR experience just reaffirms my
belief that eye correction is something that people need to be aware of it makes me think about my kids and that I need to get their eyes checked (soft music)


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