Everything Wrong With Mouse M.D. | Autism Sins

Adam, eyes here. This almost sounds decent in the first half,
like maybe this was a frustrating attempt to find out what’s wrong, but no, it’s arbitrary
repetitive bullshit. Show me a bicycle. He’s halfway into a meltdown already. STOP TRAINING. Adam’s blurry vision is supposed to be the
result of a snack infection, as revealed later on, but all that the distracting fly here
shows is struggling to focus while Autistic. So which is it? A sudden medical problem or just another day
of autism? Shot does not linger long enough to appreciate
this stim toy. Adam, look at me. That would PREVENT him from using the picture
board! If Adam can draw the worms then he knows he
has the worms which means he can see the worms. So representing his vision as just blurry
is cheating. Show it or conceal it, but don’t lie. More juice? If he wants more juice, he has to ask for
it. He just did, you oblivious walnut. Also, starving your child. He’s choking. That’s impossible, it’s mac and cheese. Impossible? To choke on mac and cheese? Why, ‘cause it’s… soft? You know you can choke on liquids, right? You can’t scream and choke at the same time,
so medically speaking, he’s fine. Ten (10) year old boy
Nice to see we’re smashing the stereotype that all Autistic people are EIGHT (8) year
old white boys who are currently having a meltdown at this moment. Screams for his life for no reason. Well clearly there IS a reason or else he
wouldn’t be in a medical clinic. He’s Autistic, severely Autistic. You said Autistic right, and then you fucked
it up. Can’t talk, can’t make eye contact. Screaming’s probably his way of communicating. That conjecture is so baseless that the United
States is about to invade it. He went to three (3) different doctors who
all said just that. And this is why we need Autistic doctors. His brain can’t filter information, it’s a
constant assault on his senses, I’d scream too. Foreman applies medical model thinking to
the part of the case that isn’t medical. Kid clutched his chest, blood pressure was
elevated, maybe there was chest pain. ER said the heart was fine. Don’t be so quick to dismiss pain. Don’t dismiss pain at all, since pain itself
is something doctors are supposed to alleviate, and maybe don’t bury the important chronic
pain support message behind a biotypical actor and rapid line delivery that we can only catch
half of. Shot still does not linger long enough to
appreciate this stim toy. I don’t have ten (10) minutes. Yes you do. You’re part of a special diagnostic team that
only sees one patient at a time! And even if you weren’t, you’d still have
a union break, right? Or you could have explained what’s happening
to him but OK Oh, so he’s okay once people aren’t touching
him any more. Pressure, yay! My back feels great. I figured I better get down here right away. Damn, you can really get taken seriously in
any situation if you’re a white cisgender man. Big shocker: dad’s depressed. Autism causes…? Wait, I thought depression was a chemical
imbalance. Are you medical model or not? Every minute of every day is booked: when
he eats, sleeps, plays his handheld. Not much of a life for them. They chose to have a family, you don’t get
to decide what your kid’s gonna be like. Nobody chooses this. No no, they chose it. Hyperscheduling isn’t “because of autism”
it means the parents WANT their lives to be scheduled, and it probably also has a bit
to do with controlling the kid. It’s funny, you get a normal kid, the parent
works. You get a special kid that costs more, you
quit and turn your backyard into a therapy circuit. You say that like it’s a universal truth,
but you were there when your boss pointed out that:
Dad was on Wall Street, mom was a partner in an accounting firm. This is a rich couple who saved up enough
to be able to quit their jobs, ya drongo. This whole scene is a massive HIPAA violation. Parents have the smear kit, but the kid is
constipated. Constipation, there’s another symptom. Put it on the board! Shot does not linger long enough to appreciate
this stim toy. Get a lung biopsy. It took a half an hour to get the mask on
the kid for the lung scan. Oh I’m sorry, was there somewhere you needed
to be? This line is presented as House being his
usual asshole self, but he’s right. Foreman doesn’t have any other work to do,
he’s just complaining about how much work it is to deal with an Autistic patient. Oh look, Foreman is manipulating the easily
manipulable Wilson into doing his job, because he’s too lazy to deal with an Autistic patient. That was huge. It was like a conversation. It’s almost like you neurotypicals are the
ones who suck at nonverbal communication. Monkey see, monkey do. House compares Autistic people to monkeys. Skinny, socially privileged white people get
to draw this neat little circle: Everyone inside the circle is normal. This is a wonderful speech about othering,
especially with the doctor acknowledging that skinny is an area of privilege. Unfortunately it’s a bit undercut by the context
that it’s delivered from a boss to his subordinate while high on laughing gas. Still, enough good stuff that it’s worth a
sin off. Shot STILL does not linger long enough to
appreciate this stim toy. Wait there’s gonna be sand every dude! You just destroyed a stim toy! They quit their jobs for him. Yes, they are everything you’d want in a parent. “Autism parents are the best parents in the
world” cliché. When a baby is born, it’s perfect. Little fingers, little toes. Uh, House? Not all babies are born with fingers and toes. Plump, perfect, pink
Not all babies are born pink. I’ll pay for it myself. What is it, a thousand bucks ($1,000) to carpet
a room? Man, if you can throw around a thousand dollars
($1,000) like that, just imagine how many homeless people you’re not feeding. Shot doesn’t linger enough for the first stim
toy again. Today I’m jail bait, but in twenty-two (22)
weeks, anybody can do anything to me. Will I be so different in twenty-two (22)
weeks? Twenty-two (22) weeks is enough for an embryo
to grow arms and legs. What’s House doing making arguments from embryos? There’s a whole abortion episode where he’s
on the pro side. It’s just a line, an arbitrary line written
by a bunch of sad old men in robes. Yeah, who cares what judges think? I know he’s being sarcastic, but… yeah,
fuck judges! Wait am I defending ephebophilia hold on
Another shameful waste of a stim toy. I need to know if you ate this, Adam. He doesn’t know what you want. He literally just said explicitly what he
wants. The kid’s Autistic, not Deaf. Hospital chapel. To our non-US viewers, yes this is a real
thing. It’s the same idea as those “Starbucks inside
Target” deals which means we need to add a sin for capitalism. Shot does not linger long enough to appreciate
THIS stim toy. She’s locked up in my office. Your office locks from the outside??? This shot DOES linger long enough to appreciate
these stim toys. Ahhhhh
Don’t touch his eye. This is an appendectomy. He’s in his street clothes. In real life, that guy would’ve been tackled
by about six (6) tiny perioperative nurses far before he got to the operating room. This kid has flipped his shit every time they’ve
needed to touch him. Why is he so calm this time? Today’s autism cause of the day is plantain
chips. Asperger Syndrome is a mild and rare form
of autism. This definition is already wrong in four (4)
different ways. House doesn’t have Asperger’s. The diagnosis is much simpler: he’s a jerk. Not mutually exclusive. You’re not Autistic. You don’t even have Asperger’s. You wish you did. It would exempt you from the rules. Neurodivergent people are held to higher standards
than neurotypicals, not lower. …Let you date seventeen (17) year olds… Ah, yes, the famous “autism defense” for sex
with minors. Materialism. Removing the plantain chips from Adam’s eyes
also makes him not Autistic any more. You share stories, feelings, toys. You don’t share offices.

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