Episode 4 Young Adults Book Chat, by Vision Australia’s Library

Hello everyone and welcome to Vision Australia’s young adult book chat episode 4 Today we are going to be talking about the book Children of Blood and Bone Legacy of Orisha. Book 1. This is a very interesting book. It took me a while to get through it. It’s a Long book. So without further ado. We’ll get on with it. A rebel princess, a young prince developing forbidden powers and a girl marked out for death by her Kingdom. These three desperate characters come together in a brilliantly crafted novel written by Tomi Adeyemi. Not for the faint-hearted reader, this book will take you on a journey where innocence is crushed, young love sparks to life and hope burns through the hearts of the characters. Having killed her mother, having taken her magic away and trying to bury her and her people Zélie Adebola Recalls a time when magic harmed through the soil of Orisha Burners ignited flames Tider’s beckoned waves and Reapers like Sally’s mother summoned forth Souls But all that changed one night when magic disappeared from Orisha Under the orders of a ruthless King Magi were killed leaving Zelie without her mother and Countless other children like her feeling afraid This book explores the themes of fear and hatred desperation and Determination. It also explores the theme of pain and loss the loss of her maid and best friend is what Sparks rebellion in a young princess’s heart the fear of what magic can do to his kingdom sparks a hatred in the Kings heart and a young princess fear and a misguided affection for his father makes him hesitant uncertain almost fatally so. Heart-wrenching at times, the book does have its tender moments after bouts of violence, such as when Zelie Sees more and chooses to forego the feel of hatred towards her enemy’s son For love and when a young prince decides to defy his father’s orders to rescue the young Magi he’s grown to love. This book is also about resilience for within the fighting spirits of the characters the author powerfully portrays How unity of an oppressed people can begin to threaten that oppression It is also about hope for despite the pain and suffering that the characters undergo They never give up that hope the hope of freedom the hope of a tolerant Orisha and the hope of a peaceful Kingdom where Magi and ordinary folks can live side by side without fear or hatred. This book is also about coming-of-age It is about how and when the Rose tinted glasses of Childhood innocence is lifted from one’s eyes. It is here where a young princess who is always afraid learns of her father’s hatred after witnessing the death of her maid. It is also here, where a young prince, seeing the suffering of his people and the torture of the girl he loves wakens – to the truth – to the truth of the kingdom that his father has created, and which sparks his own determination to create a better Orisha, a freer Orisha. This book last 17 hours and it is read by Barney Turpin And it’s definitely not suited for younger readers I would advise that 14 years and above read this book, and although it is definitely very long and slow to start, it is worth the effort. As you begin to grow to love the characters and begin to be invested in what happens to them. So I hope you will take the time to read the book it is available on the Vision Australia online catalog and You can be it can be downloaded from there as well We’ll see you next time for the next episode of the book chat. Thank you

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