[ENG] 요닝 기우쌤이랑 머리 하는 날 (feat. 애쉬그레이염색) | My new hair color (feat. ASH Gray color)

Hello everyone~~ I’m Mina Myung. Today, uh… I was thinking about growing my hair black but I decided no and going to dye my hair again. Today’s special because I’m going to Giwoo’s hairshop! (Oh My GOD-Giwoo) I met him first through the flea-market and stayed in touch time to time Then he said he was looking for the hair model So I was like can I reveal my face and participate? and he immediately DMed me So I decided today to be a Vlog as well as my hair-dyeing day so I’m going to a shop called “Yoning” It’s all taken with iphone. I just learned that the face camera offers 4K video. Dae-bak! (Awesome in Korean) Youkyung: Did you say the thing you wanted to say just now? Ah! I cancelled the reservation on the last minute yesterday! Giwoo: You ditched us Giwoo: I was waiting for you relentlessly Mina: It was a No-Show… Giwoo: Yep! (Glare of apology) Mina: I’m sorry… So I was like, until 7 I woke up at 12:30 and I made a reservation at 10 but there wasn’t a reply So I was nervous for the whole day, and finally got a reply So I replied with a speed of a lightening, like within a second Giwoo, I’m so sorry….. (guiltiness overload) Giwoo: I didn’t have time to look at my phone (Why all of a sudden?) Mina: Is it shooting well? Please say hi, Giwoo you didn’t say hi. Hello~ I’m Giwoo! (Not awkward at all LOL) Giwoo: I’m going, lol. I’ve seen Giwoo’s Youtube, right So I was wondering what kind of contents he has but I saw you guys all danced together?? Youkyug: It’s a forbidden word. Mina: Forbidden? It was a few months ago and the title was “A video that can disappear anytime” LOVE SHOT? Mina: But he still had it. So I’m going to show the clip for a bit. Lets watch it for a bit! Youkyung: She watched us dancing. Giwoo: Ah, no…. Youkyung: She’s gonna hyperlink the clip! Mina: I’m gonna do it. I mean, it said it’s a video that can disappear anytime. The fact that you didn’t take it down depite the title, it means Giwoo: I’m gonna take it down today. Mina: Really? I’m gonna download it right now. I even have a Mac hehe It means they were not THAT embarrassed. Mina: So I thought, while watching it come learn the dance some time Giwoo: To tell you the truth, I was pretending to be a bad dancer that day. Mina: Ah really? Yeah! It seemed like you were very focused and very tired, tho (Pro-dancer’s eyes) You didn’t even smile once While dancing LOVE SHOT, is it this? right? Yeah, while doing this lol Lol he put my hand down You know the face I make while I’m choreographing Or when I’m learning other people’s choreographs I don’t smile A bit like this and you danced like this for sure Youkyung: I know for real, he was dead serious. Mina: Come learn the dance some time. (Welcome to Mina’s class) Giwoo: Ah! For real? I wanna go! Lets do something like this Youkyung: I wanna go too! Mina: Yeah do it! How come so many people are here in this early hour? I was shook as soon as I came in. Giwoo: It’s not that busy. Mina: Really? He’s not busy! But it’s not early at all, it’s 12pm. Mina: I normally sleep until now. (Early for owl Mina) Almost… wake up around 1-2pm and if I do, it’s a relief. Do you know who Yuha is? Giwoo: Who’s Yuha? See see? It’s not only me who doesn’t know! It’s people who watch it thesedays Giwoo: What’s Yuha? Isn’t it Youtube-High? Mina: Yeah right! See, young people know well about these. You… Giwoo: I know! Mina: People say “Youha!” thesedays Giwoo: Twitter people day “T-Hi!” If I try to do everything perfect I’ll probably need 2-3 bodies… I’ll be deceased. Giwoo: Lets make it perfect! Giwoo: There’s nothing that could be mediocre! You guys are watching a mideocre video right now. Mina: No, I bury my soul into every video I make. Out of nowhere? Comparatively, the videos I take more seriously, verses the one I roughly took had more views, yes or no? Giwoo: Yep! / Mina: Right? Giwoo: Yep! Mina: Yeah! Youtube’s like that! Everyone, Youtube’s like that. the videos I took with my heart and my soul it doesn’t even have 10K views… There are times like that… It’s so sad… I realized! Ah, Youtube should be effortless. Youkyung: You’re watching an effortless video right now. Mina: Oh, She’s good! Kimbap Stop shooting!!! (Rude!!) So, does Giwoo treat you well? Youkyung:… yeah Mina: I can’t see your face!!! Yeah I saw it, wow. I made a reservation that day and went into your Youtube I watched what kind of videos you have Giwoo: You never go into my channel ever, huh No, I did when, uh, before… Have YOU been to mine, then? (Ma…Maybe?) You haven’t even watched mine!! I watched yours tho!! What did you watch? Giwoo: The most recent one… What’s the one I recently uploaded? Youkyung: Yoning video! Giwoo: Recent one… Which one? / Giwoo: Dance video… It’s been ages since I uploaded my dance video!! Yep, just be quiet! I bleached my hair twice and currently dyeing What’s the color? Giwoo: It’s a secret. Not telling you. I’ve seen Giwoo’s colors and he really does a great job at coloring Giwoo: Your color today was a simple one tho, right? You’re right. Are you gonna turn me into a fancy pants, instead? I want to keep the grey-ish tone but the color quickly bleaches out and my hair gets damaged. I’ll give you something for the hair. Like what…? Something to keep the grey hair longer Ah… you’re making it? Yeah! Is it like a shampoo? Am I right? So, lets talk bad things about Giwoo Lets talk about Giwoo~ It’s all done!! Youkyung: Wait no, it’s not done yet!! I’m not gonna cut my bangs Tada~ It’s all done now, right? I’m going to take a photo now. A review photo. Normally, it should be on a sunny day. Yeah right. / Giwoo: But there’s no sun today… It rained today… It feels like he’s taking a selfie but he’s taking a photo of my hair I ws making this face, you know!!! Thank you everyone!!!!!! We’ll see you again, guys!

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