GOD STILL HEALS TODAY! Her daughter has had problems with her vision she has been in need of prescription glasses And economically she couldn’t buy them for her but just right now her daughter is able to see many things! But before she was only to see as far as to where Pastor Oppong is standing she was not able to see anything that was further away And right now she is able to see the people that are at a far distance away Her daughter was only able to see very little with her left eye. The Doctor said that it was a defect known as astigmatism. Pastor Emmanuel Oppong: Daughter what is your name? “Fernanda.” Fernanda can you see me right now? “Yes.” Pastor Oppong: Talk to me,can you see me? “Yes.” Pastor Oppong:Ok put your hands over her eye. How many fingers am I holding? “One, two, four.” How much is this? “One,three,five.” Pastor Oppong: Look! Glory to God! She was not able to see like this before God has just done a great miracle he has opened her eyes Pastor Oppong: Why are you crying? There is no money for the medical? “No.” She is crying because it is emotional and she did not have any money to take her daughter to the Doctor. Jesus has taken her out of prison today! And also, about four years ago her son drank liquid acid and it burned his esophagus. He was only able to drink liquids and he could not eat solid foods. But just right now, with out struggling he is eating something solid The captives have been set free! This is a feeding tube in his stomach, this is how he has been eating And this is a certain type of string, so that his esophagus wont completely close, and so that he could be able to drink liquids He was not able to eat this candy as he is doing right now. Only liquids. Pastor Oppong The little boy had this in the stomach. He could not eat normal food. He has something going to his nose. For what to breathe? “So the esophagus wont close Pastor Oppong: He can never eat any food only liquids look at what hes eating now solid food Pastor Oppong: Can you explain this? The little boy drank liquid acid and it burned his esophagus, so he was only able to pass liquids. Through prayer he has received healing and now he is enjoying his candy “Is the candy good?” “Yes.” “You felt like eating candy?” “Yes.” “Well you are going to eat many more things you feel like eating.” (He nods yes) And before he was not able to eat like this, when he would try to swallow the food he would vomit because no type of solid food would be able to pass through his esophagus But right now he is eating Glory to God! Pastor Oppong: We are going to pray, Father in the name of Jesus you have started a good thing and you are finishing it. Now open his esophagus in the name of Jesus. What a beautiful God we have. “You want a piece of bread? Pastor Oppong:Look he took a big bite! The food passed through his esophagus! Glory to God! What is happening with your son, what are you seeing? “That he is now able to eat!” I came to this place with great faith Hallelujah! Eat son! Eat! Eat it all God bless you! If I came here just for him, I have done my job. God bless you! This is the feeding tube that goes into his stomach that he would use Look a human being that the devil wanted to keep in captivity, but today he has come out of his prison! God bless you! Wow! GOD STILL HEALS TODAY!


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