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– Welcome Doctor Vira, welcome back. And Phil such a pleasure to meet you; and we’re going to learn about
your story in just a bit. In the mean time doctor, just refresh our memories of
a lot of people out there. They may know about cataracts, but they really don’t
understand what the problem is. Kind of describe it for us. – Sure, so a cataract is the clouding of the natural lens in the eye itself. This usually starts in your mid fifties and it gets worse as you get older. And what it is is just, as you
can see in the picture here that the natural lens is
clear when you’re younger, and as you get older it turns
into this yellowish brownish color almost like a
little pebble in the eye that prevents the light
from going through clearly. And so the symptoms you
can get from a cataract are general fogginess or
smokiness to the vision, which can cause a blur. Or you can have trouble with
reading and not being able to see things as well and
require more light to read. Colors can become faded and
images are just not crisp like they used to be. And then patients can
have trouble with driving because they’re getting
glare and halos from oncoming headlights and not being able
to see street signs very well. – Right, it’s so scary. And I know a lot of people
that’ll just stop driving at night because they are so frightened. And let’s talk about treatment,
specifically surgery. – Sure, and so when
patients become symptomatic, where they’re having difficulty with tasks or activities such as
driving, and reading, that’s when we recommend cataract surgery. And cataract surgery
has become a very safe and sophisticated procedure
with over 3 million being done in the U.S. every year. And it’s an outpatient surgery, only takes about 15 minutes to
do, under some mild sedation. That’s the sophistication
we’ve gotten to this day. The procedure is done under sedation and the outcomes are very good, so over 98 percent of patients get better vision with surgery. – [Woman] Wonderful. – [Dr. Vira] And here you
can see an image of a patient that’s having had surgery on. The animation shows there’s two incisions that are being made and then we open up the cataract capsule, are able to remove it
with an ultrasonic probe by breaking up into little
pieces and at the end we put an implant inside the eye and that’s what allows the
patients to see very well. – Look at that in 15
minutes, it’s incredible. And Phil what led you to Doctor
Vira and Milan Eye Center? – Well, my wife and I were
in the process of moving down from Virginia to the Atlanta area. And on one of the flights, we were looking at one of the
flight magazines, and voila, we see one of the advertisements for better eye surgeons in Atlanta. Doctor Vira’s name was there so I said, “Well let’s check this guy out” and that led us to see Doctor Vira. – And were you having those
issues of just slowly over time over a few years where things were blurry, you were reluctant to drive at night, those kinds of things
that he talked about? – Yes, especially at night
when driving the blurry vision and especially reading. I was getting to the
point where I had to take my glasses off to read up close so. I know something had to be done. – And what was the procedure like, I mean we mentioned 15 minutes. So you do one eye on a different day. – Yeah we do a couple weeks apart usually. – Okay. And so when you went
in were you apprehensive, were you nervous? – Yes, most definitely because, obviously I didn’t have
the surgery before. What was really helpful was the nurses, they made me feel at ease, made me very comfortable
during the operation. It wasn’t that long at all and Doctor Vira was telling
me what was going on, I was awake, I was aware. The procedure was painless. – Yeah, I’ve been to their office before, the whole staff obviously
including the doctors, so professional and caring. And that really makes a
difference in how you feel when you’re undergoing surgery
that you’ve never had before. Let’s talk about his recovery, you said most patients are
seeing again within days? Yeah, and the recovery is
pretty quick for most patients, within a day or so
you’re able to see well. The first day or so your
vision may be blurry or feel a little scratchy. And couple of precautions we
talk to patients about is, keeping the eye clean so we don’t get any kind of dirt or germs in your eye itself. And then also making sure
you don’t lift anything heavy cause you don’t to put
inadvertent pressure on your eye itself. But beyond that you can resume your normal activities within a day, and a lot of people go back to work within days itself after the surgery. – Were you seeing so
much better literally, miraculously like he said, within in days? – Yes, most definitely. I mean obviously you have eye drops, to help the eyes and things of that nature but after a period of
time it was unbelievable. Especially driving, I don’t need glasses. Doing chores, don’t need glasses. One thing was I couldn’t wait
to go down to drivers services to get that corrective
lens off my licenses plate. Or license. – That’s awesome. And then any advice for anybody
who just wants to do this but maybe their putting it off
because they’re apprehensive? – Well I would strongly recommend it. There’s no question about it. You don’t have to worry about the glasses, and it just makes me feel better. – And Phil had the unique situation where he’d been wearing glasses for 30, 40 years because he was near-sighted
and had astigmatism. We chose a lens that allowed
him to get rid of those glasses and be able to see things. Not only far away, but
also give him some vision for up close so now he’s able to function, do a lot of things without glasses. – How wonderful. And let’s talk about the fact
that you can serve people who actually work Monday through Friday, they’re busy, and now you have
an opportunity where they can come see you on the
weekends, tell us more. – Yeah we just started offering
Saturday morning clinic for patients who have cataracts
or want to come in for a LASIK consultation on those days. It’s in our Marietta and Cumming offices. – Good, that’s so so helpful. And you also have a great special for Atlanta and company viewers,
so tell us more about that. – Sure. So anybody who
calls us in the next twenty four hours, we’re offering
500 dollars off of LASIK. – That’s great. 500 dollars
off, you just have to call in the next day, but
that’s a fabulous deal a fabulous special to get your vision back and get you feeling like your old self and make sure everyone knows
exactly where you’re located, you have several. – Yeah we have five locations currently and we’re opening a sixth one coming soon. So we have locations currently
in Johns Creek, Cumming, Buford, East Cobb, and Canton. And our newest location’s gonna be in Alpharetta this upcoming December. – Terrific. Congratulations. Thank you so much as always for being here and Phil I’m so glad
you’re seeing more clearly and you’re really enjoying
things now so thank you so much. – Thank you. – Thank you. – For more information simply head to milaneyecenter.com That’s milaneyecenter.com

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