Dr. Kenning – Skull Base Neurosurgery

I’m Doctor Tyler Kenning, Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery. Tumors and brain tumors specifically are no longer a purely surgical disease. It requires a collaboration of multidisciplinary approach to collaborate and form a defined plan for each individual patient. Here at Albany Medical Center we have highly trained specialists in each of these areas and routinely work together to find a treatment approach for each individual patient and their specific disease. Myself and my head and neck surgeon colleagues were both trained in open and minimally invasive approaches so we can decide when one or the other or a combination of the two are appropriate for each individual patient. At our minimally invasive cranial-based surgery center, we utilize often a Endonasal Endoscopic Approach working through the nose with small telescopes to reset tumors that were much larger and involve the very important and intricate anatomy of the cranial base. For patients that were previously deemed inoperable. It’s a type of surgery that’s done in very select centers around the country, there’s not many that do it and employ an approach that collaborates both neurosurgery and otolaryngologists as well as the other specialties. And here at Albany Medical Center we’re the only hospital in the region that preforms this type of surgery.


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