Doctors coax worm out of teen’s eye with basil

Imagine having a worm living in your eye,
for a whole month. Well that’s exactly what happened to a 17
year-old in Peru, who went to hospital in Lima suffering from swelling to his eye. After taking an MRI scan doctors soon discovered
that a worm – measuring an inch in length – was the cause of the problem. It gets worse. The worm was living in particularly
sensitive area of the face called the triangle of death – where infections can spread to
the brain. Doctor Carolina Marchena said “The location of the worm from the lower lid,
which was getting bigger, made the risks increase because the youth’s tissue was swelling in
an area close to the sinuses” The doctors used basil to lure the crittter
from the boy’s eye. Doctor Marchena explained “due to the smell the worm came out. However,
because of the size of the worm it was impossible that it would come out completely on its own.
It just stuck a little part out, which was its head,” Once the head of the hungry worm poked out
in search of the basil, doctors were able to use tweezers to pull it out completely. *WORM POPS FROM EYE* *SCREAMING* According to local media reports, it didn’t
cause the boy any long-term damage.


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