Do Dogs See in Black and White?

hi everybody and welcome back to Relax My Dog now today me and Milo here are going to be talking about whether dogs
see in black and white this is such an interesting topic him on there there is
so much just of articles and information about and I’ve tried to whittle it down
to the most key facts, I also want to apologize, I’ve actually lost part of my
voice so if I sound pretty quiet I do apologize but let’s just get started
now before we do begin let me know down below in the comments what do you think
do you think dogs can see in black and white let me know down below in the
comments but let’s just get started now what’s interesting about this is that
recently loads of studies have actually found out that dog sure do have some
color vision which hasn’t really been known about in the past in the past it’s
sort of just thought that dogs can only see in black and white and in fact this
isn’t true now if they have about 20% of the photoreceptor cells which is part of
the guy that sees color so doing how about 20% so it’s not what saying that
they have full Apollo vision like we do all that some of us do and they only
have about 20% and they can only see certain colors now obviously we can’t
give it dog’s eye tests and things like that to try to figure out what colors
they can see bottom eye scientists have done at different behavioral tests they
able to conclude that dogs can see shades of yellow and below and they have
the lack of ability to see shades such as green and red so for example if you
took your dog for a walk and they had like a red ball and you throw the red
ball onto a grass field if your dog can’t find out he’s struggling to find
it it might be because their vision isn’t as also scratch
and as well as seeing colors dog’s vision also isn’t as good as humans odds
as humans we can see things or a lot of us I mean I I’m pretty behind but a lot
of humans cannot see things quite clearly and dogs actually have quite a
blurry vision they do however make up for this because they can see a lot
better in low light and in darkness whereas humans obviously can’t and
obviously they can detect emotion as well in the dark which again humans on
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