DJI Goggles – FPV Drone Flying

Oh boy am I freaking excited Today we’ve got the DJi Goggles and I saw these a while back when they did the launch of the Mavic and I never got a chance to try them at the launch event but today, we’ve got them here let’s open it up! ok great i’ m so exited about this! so after we do the unboxing, we are going to go to a place called Sunken City which is exactly what it sounds like it’s a city that sunk off the cliff so this is what we came for the problem is that I don’t like things that are dry so I don’t like touching
cardboard oh ho baby here it is! wow so if you are
familiar with VR headsets I definitely want to do a comparison of this between
the, well actually I have right here ironically this is the Google Daydream
so it already looks like it’s a little bit bigger than the Daydream I’d love to
do a comparison to the PlayStation VR I’ll give you guys a sense of own size
of this thing here they are it’s a little heavy so
it’s going to be interesting to see what this feels like when I put it on what else do we have in here this is very dangerous for animals to make sure if
you guys ever have any of these you keep them away wow this feels like the hololens
demo that I did at E3 like two years age our little converter here for other
places that are not the US okay I’ve got directions these are really jammed in there this, ut oh oh we’ve got a little cleansing cloth wah oh god! we’re okay
and we’ve got a little plastic thing here which looks like you use this to keep your
cords all corded up this is a nice little micro USB and this
I’m assuming is what you’ll plug in to your phantom for HDMI you can also use
this as a viewing experience so we’ve got micro HDMI and then an HDMI input which would
allow us to basically view any type of content from some sort of HDMI source so
looks like I’m gonna actually need my computer to activate it and it takes
about 4 hours to do a complete charge this does not work here in the US and I
don’t have a converter I’m going to use my Mavic charger just has little USB ports
out here okay that’s in this is going to be the first time in putting this on
so what do I look like do I look cool do I look like somebody who you see on the
street and be like I want to be her friend don’t answer that I’m going to adjust
whoa it’s so the screen actually looks really good, look look look look! oh my goodness so right here
on the actual headset itself we have a micro SD card slot we have a place for
headphones and this is the HDMI in the micro HDMI so this looks like it’s just
the release so that you can release that from the headband this is how you turn
it on such a little on button and here’s some on-screen controls that allow you
to control what’s actually happening inside of the headset but then you have
to this is the sync then that whole yeah it’s like on the road and when you need
to sing like the thumb controller on the runnin
and then this little thing will probably blink green I mean it’s like a Wi-Fi or
like a Bluetooth thing mmm what he said up that’s Nathan you’ll say
hi to them hmm right now we’re charging here’s the
micro USB charge slot so those little wheel just will let you adjust the size
of the headband to fit it to your dome piece let’s do a quick little size
comparison of the DJI goggles with the Playstation VR the goggles are bigger
than the Sony as you can see here so the technology and this is a little bit less
than these two guys but this is Google’s a dream you can just put one of your
pixel phones right into here and you’re able to basically have a VR headset
right from your phone which I use these a bunch and they’re really cool in their
super light because the material is are made oh it’s cloth it’s super soft it
feels like t-shirt and we let us charge and then we’re going to activate it it
says here that you can actually activate it with the DJI go for app or you can
use the DJI assistant app to which you need your computer for so after that
happens then it’s time to fly those two cool modes that you can use using the
goggles the first one we’re going to try out right now and head tracking feature
so basically as I move my head that will be controlling the camera and the gimbal
as I use the controller I can look around and use the camera with my head
which is pretty crazy to really think about so we give you guys a quick demo
right here on the ground very how’s this that’s good look look to your left and
to your right and now nod your head back and forth to left and right
and yeah I don’t quit so far cuz I’m backing it out so kind of like in the
middle that’s so cool so this is really the best example that we can show you
guys I’m moving my head and the camera is also moving with it look look at this
this is awesome the squirrel came right up to you really this is so insane I can see myself
this is inception I’m uh I’m see I can see you filming me
but like it’s like an hour body experience I’m freaking out
holy crap oh we will refill it odds this is so freaking crazy and absolutely
losing my freakin mind right now this is actually my first time flying
with any type of headset or any kind of s can do golly ever and it’s kind of
unreal like I can’t believe it I’m looking like
she later our fast movements are definitely not
recommended I’m not sure if I footage it’ll look like as I’m not quite used to
flying like this we’re coming back because it says super strong magic oh my good well this view is hideous
turn it around ah beautiful so if I walk back
it changes the camera I’m so scared cuz I can’t do anything like wow I wish
everyone else is here oh cool all right so what are you trying
out now so this is what the the head tracking movements the basically the
goggle dictate the direction of the aircraft so if you look at the
controller I’m only going forward I’m not turning left or right but then as I
turn my head left you can catch the video and recording right now to see so
the term I had left the aircraft turns and I don’t have to turn all the way
around I just turn my head left and then when I want to stop a turn I face the
front again and then it keeps going so the whole time I’m just pressing forward
on the aircraft but then I use my head to go in the direction I want to go so
when I go left a little bit more and then stop turn my head back forward
again to stop and then I want to turn right so go right turning right and stop and laughs and if you look up I’ll be
directly over us here I’m out over the street there’s us down there I don’t
know if you can see me oh yeah we also see ya there you are so I’m just I’m
literally steering the drum of my head that’s so great
so here what I’ll do is I’ll kind of close yeah it’s like flying a weird VR game loofa like a safe enough slide what do you think I mean it’s so
different from flying any of the other drones the Phantom the inspire it makes
me want to get a Mavic that’s kind of how I feel about it it’s pretty cool
it’s pretty amazing it’s just a different experience all right guys
that’s it for the DDI goggles either super cool I had so much fun flying with
them but yeah let me know what you guys think let me know if you’ve ever flown
fpv with drones before it’s very cool definitely something I would have to get
used to and practice more but I’m definitely going to be doing more of
that in the future I’ll see you guys later

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