DISNEY DOC MCSTUFFINS – Video Review Doc Mcstuffins Eye Doctor Playset Toy, TOY-U

Hi guys! Welcome again to Toy-U Channel! Today we’re opening this Doc McStuffins Eye Doctor Playset. It comes into this pink case with 22 pieces. This case has a clear window front and it’s embellished with hearts and flowers and this sparkly purple heart with a picture of Hallie. Let me show you the case. It comes with this tag that shows all the pieces and it says that this playset is not for children under 3 years old . Of course it has the Disney Store
stamp. This purple handle is perfect to take your toys everywhere. So, let’s open the case, to have a closer look. To do it we slide this sticking plaster, just like this. So, we can take all the pieces out. Pieces are a bit stocked in this plastic so I had to speed up the video. Here we’ve got the hole playset, there’is also a two sided cardboard that we can use as background and you can see that is a wall from Doc’s clinic and the back is the floor with a rug and some stuff. I’m gonna place it right
here. So this is Doc McStuffins chair decorated with Little flowers and hearts, with a big flower base it is so cute. Next piece is Doc’s desk with this Green phoroptor, I think they call it, that allows Doc McStuffins to prescribe eyeglasses, it is purple and it is fully decorated with eyeglasses in relief. This is a blue board with pictures of different animals in different sizes like a whale, an elephant, a rhino, a snake, among others. This is Hallie who is wearing this cute red glasses and she is also wearing a nurse uniform to assist Doc McStuffins, look at the cute bow at her back! Oh, she cannot stand, well I’ll leave her lying here. This is Professor Hootsburg also known as Hootsie and here she wears a square academic cap Then we’ve got lots of accessories like this purple book that opens and closes and it has pictures of Hootsie and Doc McStuffins. I’ll leave it on the desk, ok I can leave it on the floor. Then we’got this tiny box of tissues to dry patient eyes, when we use drops. This is Doc McStuffins bag to carry her eye doctor instruments everywhere, it is so cute. Next are these three instruments that she uses to examine her patients. So here we have Doc McStuffins that can be seated or on stands. She comes with a elastic to hold her clothes and her stethoscope to listen at her patients heartbeat, let me take it out She has a sparkly purple head band with a blue flower. Her clothes are open at the bask so she can change outfits. Let me take her clothes off. I’ll dress her with her doctor outfit. Ok Doc, you’re ready to examine your patients. There are some more accessories like this lotion and she comes with her pink and super
cute purse but now she has to take her Doc’s bag with her to go straight to the clinic and examine Hootsie. Here it comes her special assistant, nurse Hallie. Oops, Doc fell on
the ground, all right. Welcome to Doc McStuffins clinic, Professor Hootsie! Please take a seat. Thanks Hallie for your help. So, let me place this board here in
front of you. Please Hootsie I want you to tell me if you can see the whale. Can you see the elephant? The snake?Mmmm…no. You can use these instruments to be sure of your diagnosis. Ok, Hootsie I think you may need glasses, I’m sorry. So I’m gonna prescribe you this super cute sparkly glasses, oh you look so beautiful Hootsie! See you next time guys, please press like, comment and subscribe! Thanks for watching!

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