Diabetic Eye Disease – It’s Not Just For Diabetics

You know you hear about blindness and
retinopathy (damage to the retina, the back part of the eye) and folks that have
type 2 diabetes. And you think, “You know, I’m never gonna… I don’t think I’m gonna
get that problem. I don’t need to listen to it.” Think again. As we’ve talked many many times a lot,
more of us have insulin resistance. Then we then know over 90% of folks who have
insulin resistance, prediabetes, don’t know it. And very conservative estimates
would be that a third of adults haven’t. Actually, UCLA was showing over half
why am I talking about insulin resistance. This is blindness or
diabetic retinopathy. You say, “It’s a type 2 diabetes problem, right?”
No. Think about it, understand it. By the time someone has gotten diagnosed with
type 2 diabetes, 30%… 1 in 3 already have damage to
their eyes. This has been shown multiple times in multiple surveys. So this is a
problem that’s happening when you have insulin resistance. Think about it. Thank
you for your interest. If plaque is the number 1 cause of heart attack, stroke,
dementia, blindness, kidney disease, you’d think we’d know how to evaluate it,
screen for it. Unfortunately, the state of the art right now is a guess,
and a bad one at that – Framingham. The most common thing that
you do is you say, “Well, hey Doc, why don’t we do a stress test.” They don’t work
either. Then you go into the cath lab and get a definitive test, but that revolves
getting a needle in the groin. It just goes downhill from there. Now
there are better ways. Take a look at our plaque evaluation course. Click the link


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