Devin Townsend – Kingdom | Reaction + Live [at the Retinal Circus] (Reakcija)/with English subtitles

What’s up bitches?
We are NeonPetunias! And today we are reacting to Devin Townsend – Kingdom. These are the people who suggested this song. Thank you for your requests. We don’t know this song.
-We don’t know any of their songs. At least I don’t.
-Me neither. So we’ll hear it now. Turn it up. Nice. I didn’t expect his voice to sound like this.
-Me neither. It sounds so magical. It’s over already? All the songs we listened to today went by so fast.
-Yeah. Magical.
-Yay! Well, that was nice.
-Yes, and I didn’t expect his voice to sound like that. The instrumental was more emphasized.
-Yeah, I mean I was more focused on the instrumental. In the beginning, instrumental is more prominent than the vocals.
-Because of the contrast. It was nice.
-It was very very nice. I’m interested in what this is about.
-Me too, I didn’t really focus on the lyrics, to be honest. It’s called “Kingdom”, so we’ll see. The vocals were great, and the instrumental of course.
-Yes, everything was great. The vocals were amazing.
-It was unexpected. And magical. So, let’s read the lyrics. “I, I wonder why, I wonder
Why I’ve come undone, I’ve come undone”. “If you want to stay with me, Lord, play with me
Okay, I know I missed it.” “The point I mean, I missed it so (so could I know)
And if I could (could change it) good God I would”. “Ego, it’s only a soul”. What?
-It was “song” in the lyric video. Yeah, what’s happening?
-But I don’t know…
-I’m confused now. “It’s only a soul” So it was a mistake probably. So, what do you think this is about? I guess most of the people think that it’s about God or religion.
-Yeah. I don’t know about that. I mean that’s fine.
-Yeah, there are some metaphors. I don’t really see that. You see, he says something about a woman. Maybe it’s about being abused mentally. It’s like what R Kelly was doing with those women.
-Yeah, I know. I don’t know why but the song reminded me of that. He’s the king and, you know… And they’re doing everything he wants.
They’re blinded because he manipulated them, I don’t know. “Stay with me, Lord, play with me”.
-That’s why it reminded me of that. Yes, because it’s “play with me”. I’m so confused.
-This part is different. “Hell is here”.
-“The youth descended”. Maybe it’s about a young girl who fell in love with an older guy and now he’s deceiving her. Lord. It’s “Kingdom” so he’s like a king.
-Yeah, exactly. Or lord. M’lord!
-M’lady! I don’t know. That’s what this song means to me. I don’t know what it means to you. I’m really confused. I can see that, I’m confused as well. “Like this woman still, there is no worry
I’m fine”. Does it end like that “Stay with me, Lord, play with me”?
-Yes. So nothing changed, it just continues. Maybe, he didn’t understand that he was treating his wife wrong. Maybe.
-And he says “I missed the point”. “Stay with me”. “Now I see the way I’m headed
Down and down, the youth descended”. “We are the word, we are the hope”. That reminds me of “Pneuma”.
-“We are so happy…” “…to sing along” Maybe there’s… This is like a cult, it reminds me of that.
-Yeah! Literally… Or… Something bad is happening… And people know about that, but they don’t say anything cause that doesn’t concern them. It can be that as well.
-Or they know and they’re choosing not to say anything. “We are so happy to sing a song along”. Even if it’s not true, they don’t care. The truth doesn’t matter.
-Because we “sing along”. We don’t wanna fight for the truth, or we just don’t care. We already have like 4 interpretations of this song.
-Yeah, I don’t know. “There is no worry…” I don’t know! It’s so weird! I wanna find out what it’s about.
-Let’s find out. *reading* That’s one of our interpretations.
-Yeah. *reading* You know what… It can be that as well. You know when there’s domestic violence, and a neighbor knows about it, but he’s like “I shouldn’t interfere”. But that should be reported.
-Of course. And that’s why “we sing along”. Or the people who are affected by domestic abuse don’t wanna admit that there’s a problem, cause for them that’s their day-to-day life. It seems to me that it’s about how he wasn’t treating his wife good. And his wife was like “Stay with me”. Because usually, women want to fix the marriage. Yeah, some women know that their husband is cheating on them but they’re like “It doesn’t matter as long as he stays with me”. Yeah, “Stay with me, play with me”. She still wants to be with him.
-Yeah, for some reason. Yeah, there’re cases like that.
-Yeah. Maybe she begs him. “Stay with me, play with me” You heard that there’re female vocals in the song.
-Yeah. So, if you guys have a different interpretation of the song tell us, please. Let’s watch…
-Live. See! Now we’ll see what it’s about.


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