Desert Eyes | A 2017 Burning Man Project

I’m Pooya Kamranjam and originally from Iran and I came here to study Computational Design in Germany. We have started with the basic idea of looking into the environment and this is the best place you can find
your ideas. Like the main concept of the project was to have different views of the desert. I’m Yonnie, I’m from Australia and I am kind of the superintendent of the Project Desert Eyes. I deal with the intercommunications within the group and the logistic sides of things. Desert Eyes is our project that we will be taking with us to this year’s Burning Man event. It is an eight-meter-wide dome which is four meters high and it has a large reflective surface with protruding pipes. This formed this idea of dividing this dome into different frames so every person can go inside the dome and have one specific view of the surrounding. During the day this can let the sunlight go through all these pipes inside and at night we can use these pipes to send out the light, the artificial light. We have our structure which is being
digitally fabricated and really processed through Computational Design. We have our image, our branding that media team have masterfully created and we have our
lighting system which adds another layer to our project. Sound can really trigger emotion and we want to play with that aswell. Basically, kind of allow people to
really reflect on their environment. I’m always imagining what’s going to happen if we realize this dome in the desert. We really wanted to capture this kind of raw environment and the kind of city that this community builds. Right now that we’re getting closer to the events we are really looking for support in the logistic sides of things. Contacts within the US and also some funding. There are a lot of costs involved. I guess just hope and
persistency are two factors that really help. It’s going to be tough, we
all know it’s going to be tough but we all also know that it’s going to be an
experience of a lifetime.

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