Courtney Dewey, MD – Video Profile

– I see infants through teenagers. So a lot of different
stages of development, different abilities,
which makes everything, each time, a little bit different for me. So I’m always thinking and
adjusting my examine to them. Every patient’s a little different for me. They may be, you know,
an infant, a teenager. A lot of different stages in between. So my examine may be different for each patient in any given day. It’s really great to be
at a place like Kellogg where the facility is so unique. We have so much equipment, so many different tests we can do. So I’m really able to show
them different charts, do different tests with them, whatever I need to do
to get the information I need from them while
still keeping it fun and keeping it a positive
experience for them. A really satisfying part of my job is communicating with parents. Parents are, of course,
concerned about their children. They’ve been told a lot
of different things, and sometimes have trouble putting all that information together. So if I can use different words or explain things a different way and really make it click for them, so they have a real understanding of the issues with their child, they get so much more
comfortable with their treatment. So if I can have a few of those
experiences during the day, it’s a really satisfying day for me.

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