Cornea Transplant Saves Vision of NICU Doctor

My name is Whit Hall. I’m a neonatologist at UAMS. I had a symptoms that I couldn’t see very well and the first thing that I
noticed is I had trouble doing some of the procedures that we have to do. Many of our babies are very small. In order to help the babies breathe we have to put a
tube into the windpipe and sometimes that can be a difficult procedure. I
noticed that the structures and everything that helped me identify where
I needed to place the tube were getting blurry. I went to Dr. Warner because I’d
had cataract surgery and as it turns out I had a condition called Fuchs Dystrophy. This is a genetic condition where the the endothelial layer of the cornea
wears out prematurely. Dr. Hall had a very elegant partial-thickness cornea
transplant to restore his vision. I’ve been practicing medicine now for five
years that I would not have been able to do had it not been for that transplant. I’m
very grateful to the family, in fact I’m grateful to all the families
who donate their tissues and eyes and other organs to the eye bank
and to Aurora. I’m very grateful for the eye bank and for the eye surgeons and the people that do this kind of work here. I couldn’t have been able to continue to do what I do without them.

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