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welcome back to my channel so today I’m
doing a recording long overdue I know I said over the weekend I was supposed to
be doing this but I’m so sorry yeah so welcome back to my channel so
guys um thank you for joining me if you’re new to my channel and moose I do
not forget to hit that subscribe button do not forget to like my video and come
and share my video to family and friends yeah so we’re gonna dive straight into
it I’m gonna create a nice little colorful look today using my Zulu Julius
fleece palette and I really wanted to play with this today you know just to
create just as a little colorful look and I’m also gonna be using my color
dream vivid palates you’ve seen me use this apart a lot on my channel because I
love the way the colors look so we’re going to be playing and this color this
color and this one so these are the colors that I’m going to be using it
faintly pink it’s not that bright but I really want to play like a red the color
green palette has a rat in it that is really really deep so this is the red
here so it’s really really deep fun way to play enough one but I think Luxio
goes alright so first thing let me get me all a little closer to me coming
closer all right so I’m not gonna be doing any cut crease at least I hope so
today we’re just going to be applying the colors winging it out making it look
pretty already priming my eyes with my la girl
Pro concealer so the first color I’m going to be diving into would be pink
what am i doing brushes are very then I’m gonna be diving into the
greenish color if you hearing spongebob is because my daughter is right in the
other room and she believes that she has to listen just one drop extra loud I’m
diving into the pink in the anasazi of Beverly Hills palette so this is it I am
diving into the pink I think that paliku in inaudible yeah dark pink looked
dubious please so a few very colors thinking eyes I’m
just going to blend the edges using the anastasia beverly hills brush that came
in the nvidia cards I’m just gonna you know answer I think if you read it would look a
little better this time going into the red in the color green palette and I’m
just applying it there then I’m going into the paint the color
green hasn’t really nice No thank you seeing it in I probably know that looks blew not popping and say nothing kind of blend them I think nicely dinner you look good so
I’m gonna bring the colors down I was going to cut decrease do a wing thing
but I think when I’m making but I made the wing ever bigger you’re gonna City
BT me look so I’m gonna bring your colors down cuz we’re going to how much deeper right so now I’m just gonna blend the
edges of all right so now we’re just going to
blend those edges up probably try yellow you know with a light green on to a
darker green so I’m probably try it out and see how it looks did I just like put our entire lighter
green and then I’m just gonna use the yellow I
have my car beer cosmetics liner liquid liner and I’m going to use this to
create the wing and then I’m going to use my Mia
adora immortal liner pencil so yapanese these two I’m using this de miedo our
first because it’s a bit dark and I really want this look to be as dark as
possible our deal is and because this pencil doesn’t have a point it makes it
a little difficult for precision purposes to really get it where I want
the line out to be so the car Mia pencils a little more sharper I made up
a point here my lids are hooded today you see d-ring and that’s just how
I wanted it enough I could create a lot bigger I think if it had a beauty I mean
look so what I’m gonna do is create the arm
pretty look on the other side bring it out and my lashes and be right back
alright so now we’re going to do the contouring I’m gonna be using I usually
use my BH Cosmetics or any good contour palette but of recently I started
testing my 39e palette and I’ve been liking using these colors for contouring
so this one this one and this one so yeah I’m gonna contour the hell out of
my face so you see I put on the lashes and mascara of Abad my green that just
came out of nowhere at the side of my head and every time I
taught it I’m feeling in my green pressure
alright so Oh what is that yeah so I’m just gonna contour through
all the pain a pimple where did you come up from pimple you’ll be starting a city
contour looks nice on my skin I totally unlike it for some strange reason real ending and is a strand of hair back
to animals so back into the same colors that I would have used on my face to
contour I’m just you know I’m not cheating on this match it’s naturally
snatch that nose so now we’re gonna watch shake another evil light and
become a lord do any more second so I’m going back into my Sascha matte face
powder this is a translucent matte feast folder and I’m going to use this along
the jaw line just like it defeats a little bit of definition so I’m just
gonna blend that up a blending sponge of lately I like using my brush to do this
but evidently easy to get the pantry’s and I got a brush like use blush and it
yet again I’m going into one of my morphe palette I see jeans Charles and
I’m going to be used thing there’s sort of orangey yellowish color and the color
right next to it for blush so I don’t want it too high animism might be aged
cosmetics number three brush – I’m going into the orangey color first something
that lowered onto the jawline of where I put in my arm what am I trying do you
use the camera to see what I’m doing and I’m doing apakah crazy like I’m going to
be using any jeans jotspot it again and I’m using this for highlight it’s a
shimmer color that you know for me it lasts right ready and it’s all seems to
be my go-to shimmer lately all right so I add additional I think I
need to put a little bit more and I’d like to be seen from heaven all right so
yeah I’m some shimmer here I’m using a little denser brush that brush – so yeah
sugar donuts with shimmy-shimmy in a nosey and keep it boom right so I’m gonna also be using this
shimmer I do but some of you bros I’m look if I’m an angle brush my BH
Cosmetics angled brush right now say and then I’m going to add just a little
bit to corner VI I’m gonna use this is one of my brush I got from arm is good
blink by sue she has some really nice makeup brushes that could be used for
loose and so I need to demon cat game I use them because you know I’m already
used to oh that’s a cool thing I had put there from his father before love good
Barbie mark until she started here looks so good required of I’m using my draw down a pencil in cocoa
the line the lips go ahead babe go ahead I’m pounding and I’m using the BH
Cosmetics liquid linen from the royalty of fear in their heart in what I said
Maria I’ve got a sin upon our Lord right oh this right looking right on
camera lord this red looking pipe in huts aiight I went to two and dong-man lips
it was like that was likes to run it was to read oh god I just I’m not on the
table I read was just too much oh alright so what I’m gonna do is set the
makeup and when you use my Revlon set refresh from the settings free-fixed be
here and I’m gonna be right back a few moments later but guys this is how
you find out look as I like I came out it looks so cool so guys let me know
what you guys think about the look I really like her look it came out so nice
and fresh uncomfortable yes so it’s a nice colorful look for Carnival whatever
I always doing the most to me this is like normal like just normal so if you
liked it looking up any questions about it just leave me a comment the comment
section I mean okay let me know what you think about it guys and yes Oh lips as I
said I use um I had to go and put it down so I had to use the BH Cosmetics
liquid linen and I used it in this one is Verena and I always use this you
would have seen me use it and not a number of videos on my lips because I
really like on this thing kind of looks this is the fullest pink obviously take
my lips on take my complexion so nicely so yeah so guys yeah so thank you so
much for joining in thank you so much for subscribing to my channel I’m
viewing my videos leave me a thumbs up and forget to share the videos with your
friends and family yeah so guys I’m out of it so thank you
thank you so much d tuned for next video


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