Chloe And Maze Don’t See Eye To Eye On Halloween Decorations | Season 2 Ep. 6 | LUCIFER

[child laughing] Look, Mommy. I’m swinging. Hey, baby, get off of that. Hey, will you let Maze and
Mommy talk for a minute, please? Mm-hmm. Seriously? A sex swing? I know, right? You want to hop on? OK, if we’re going
to live together, we need to have
some house rules. Rule number one–
and I can’t believe I’m saying this– no sex swing. You said I could
bring my furniture. A sex swing is not furniture. We have to agree on what’s going
to be in the common area, Maze. Fine, I don’t agree with
your cheesy decorations. You don’t like Halloween. Of course I do–
slutty outfits, humans abandoning their
inhibitions, masquerade orgies. That’s great. But that’s not our Halloween. You live with a child now. You’re going to have to
rethink how you look at things. [scoffs] Do I? Maybe living together
was a bad idea.


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