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(jazzy music) – Hey everyone! It’s your girl, Jenn, and today I thought we’d just sit down, catch up, and get ready. I have partnered with Hourglass, which is one of my favorite beauty brands, and I’ll be using their products to show you how I did
this Face of the Month. Hourglass is a cruelty-free,
luxury beauty brand, and I’ll be featuring their new mascara. It’s their Caution Extreme Lash Mascara, and I absolutely love it. I have also picked out
some questions on Twitter, so we can catch up. So let’s just get started. All right, guys, my face is
cleansed and moisturized, and now it is time for sunscreen. I’m using this one by Supergoop. It is their Unseen Sunscreen. I never skip out on sunscreen, especially if I’m gonna go out in the day. The UV rays are no joke, and they’re super damaging onto your skin. And so I wanna preserve this. So now let’s jump straight
into the foundation. I’m using this one by Hourglass. This is their Vanish
Seamless Finish Foundation, and I love that it comes in a stick form. I kinda just apply it like war paint, and now I’m just gonna
get my beauty blender. And it’s just gonna blend right in. (jazzy music) For concealer, I’m using
this one by Too Faced. It is the one from their
Born This Way Collection. And I’m gonna apply this where
I need some extra coverage, so that is around the eyes and around the nose. I think I’m gonna
highlight my forehead too. I might as well. While I blend this out, I will be answering my first question. This one is by Margaret. She asks, “When you woke
up after the big day, “what was the first thing
that came to your mind? “Love you, Jenn, and congratulations.” Thank you, Margaret. This is so sweet. So if you’re just tuning into my channel, I got married two days ago, and the wedding day was so insane. It was the best day of my life, and that says a lot because
I’ve had a lot of amazing days. But this one really just took the cake. But the day after, immediately I woke up, and the first thing I did
was I looked at Ben’s hand, like his wedding ring
hand, and I just held it, and it made me so happy
to see our rings together. It just really solidified the whole thing, and it just made me really
reflect on such a beautiful day. I’m not gonna lie, it
was a little bittersweet because we had been prepping
for this day for a year. And so, to not have to think
about it anymore was really strange. I was thinking, I don’t have to think about
planning my wedding ever again, and so it felt empty but in a good way. I don’t know, I keep
going on back and forth, but, oh, it was such a good feeling. I still felt so elated the next day. So now that we have a fabulous base, I’m gonna set this all in with a powder. This is Hourglass’s Veil
Translucent Setting Powder, and this sets makeup for longer wear. This is a vegan powder
that blurs the appearance of pores and fine lines, and I love that the packaging is so beautiful and super functional. You lift open the cap,
and you tap the bottom. And you have the perfect
amount of powder for your face. I really love when
packaging is functional, and anything to make
the mess not too crazy, especially when you’re
using powders, is great. I’m gonna tap off the excess, and I’m gonna apply that right
underneath the eyes first. I’m gonna set this. And I’ve been loving to
use this brush, by the way. It is so functional. I like how there’s two heads, so this is for the little nooks
and crannies of your face, like underneath the eyes. And then I’m gonna get
the big fluffy side, and I’m gonna dust the rest of my face. This is translucent, so it’s gonna give you
an invisible finish, and it works with all skin tones. You guys, I love the finish on this. It just looks airbrushed and blurred. I feel like I’m wearing
a filter in real life. I love this for special occasions. I actually did this powder for my wedding, which was lovely. So I brought you guys a little closer because I’m gonna do my brows. I’ve been using my favorite brow pencil, which is by Hourglass. This is their Brow Sculpting Pencil, and I’m using Dark Brunette. I’m just gonna speed this process up because, honestly, I
can’t chat and do brows. Every time I do that, it just makes my brows look super wonky, so I’m just doing my
brows like I normally do. I’m gonna do kind of a
straighter brow with a baby arch. Wow, I am very proud of my brows today. I think this is one of the
best brows I’ve ever done, so gonna give a pat on my back. So now we’re gonna move on to eyeshadow. I’m using Fenty Beauty’s
Moroccan Spice Palette. I’m gonna grab this
peachy shade over here, and I’m gonna apply that all over my lid. Now I’m gonna get a fluffy brush. I’m gonna go into that same peach color, and I’m just gonna buff it all out. And make sure it’s all
nice and blended out. I’m just doing the classic
windshield wiper motion, just in and out, in and out. And today I’m just gonna kinda bring it up a little bit higher than I normally would because I just want this to be a really pretty peachy doll-like look. So now I’m gonna go
into this reddish color. I just want the slightest
bit of extra red on this. Not too intense, but
just a touch of color, just to give it a little
bit more dimension. And now I’m gonna get a fluffy brush, and I’m just gonna blend this guy out because I don’t want it to be too red. I want it to be still more
peachy than red today. Before I forget, I’m gonna go
back into that peachy shade, and I’m just going to do
the bottoms of my eyes. A lot of you guys know
how my I love glitter, so I’m gonna grab this iridescent, kind of goldy flakes
eyeshadow right over here. And I’m just gonna pop that
onto the tops of my eyes. I’m just using my finger, and
I’m just pressing that in. I’ve noticed that when
I press it in like this, there’s no fallout. I mean I could use a
brush and setting spray, but it’s way over there, and I just wanna use
what I have right now. And there we go, we are
done with eyeshadow today, a very simple eye look. And now let’s move
straight into the mascara. This is Hourglass’s Caution
Extreme Lash Mascara. So I’m going to start coating
my lashes with this wand, and I’m gonna show you
guys the difference. I love the size of this mascara wand because if it was any larger, I would have a lot of difficulty applying it with my tiny lashes. So I’m coating one lash first so I can show you the difference. We could do like a little
side-by-side comparison, but this is the one eye that
is done and this is the other. And this is really good
for my tiny lashes. I’m very impressed. I freaking love this mascara, especially on days where I
don’t want to wear falsies. So this mascara is an
all-in-one vegan mascara, and it really dramatically
lifts your lashes. This gives your lashes 400%
more volume and I believe it. Look at that. It’s definitely four times
bigger than when I started. And 100% of people saw
that it lifted their lashes and gave them the drama that they needed. And I’m definitely part
of that statistic now. It is absolutely doing the job for me. I know those who are gifted
with lashes are probably looking at me being like, wow, those are it? But, for me, and my lashes,
this is a transformation. I’m not gonna lie, I am
really picky with mascara, especially because
sometimes I do feel like my tiny lashes are kinda hopeless. But with this, they do a bangin’ job, putting in volume and just lifting up. And I freaking love this and
now my eyes are complete, so let’s move on to contour. So to carve out my cheekbones, I’m using Benefit’s Hoola Lite. I really like this
because it’s dark enough where it shows a difference, but light enough so, in case I mess up, it doesn’t show. And so I just go like this, and I’m just going to give
myself some cheekbones, man. This is from Michelle, “Is there gonna be a wedding video? “Congrats to both of y’all.” Thank you, Michelle. Yes, there is going to be a wedding video, and it’s probably going to come out within the next four weeks. The company that we used said
approximately four weeks, so I’m praying that it’s not
going to be after four weeks ’cause I’ll be pretty bummed. I mean, normally I’m used
to filming something, and just banging it out right away, but for this we used a production company. I’ve never used them before, but that’s because I
didn’t want my friends to film the wedding. I wanted them to really sit
down and enjoy the experience. And so that’s why we
went with this company. Ben and I really liked their work. So Ben and I thought we
would give them a go, and so you guys will see the full video. I didn’t vlog that day,
in particular, because, I don’t know, there was just
a lot of stuff going on. And I just really wanted
to be in the moment. So all footage will be from them. So as soon as they give me
the video, I will post it. You guys, I always freaking do this. I always add too much blush by accident. Okay, I’m just gonna really buff this out. But yeah, for blush, I
just used this pinky shade, by the NARSissist Palette. For a highlighter, I’m
using this one by ColourPop. This is their Smokin’ Whistles. I’m gonna go back in
with my beauty blender. I’m gonna use the end of it, and I’m gonna do this
little swooping motion. And I’m just gonna bounce that
onto the tops of my cheeks. This really gives a super natural glow. I think it’s because
it’s a creme highlighter, so it doesn’t look dusty at all. It just looks like a natural sheen. So I’m gonna bounce
that onto my cheekbones and then a little on my nose bridge and then on my Cupid’s bow. This one comes from Lulu. She asks, “What was your favorite
part about your wedding?” I feel like is so hard because there were so many amazing
moments of my wedding, but I guess from chronological order, the first thing that
I absolutely loved was just getting ready with my girls
in the room the morning of. I really like just
getting ready with people, and it’s fun to catch up and see what kind of makeup they’re using. And it’s fun to dance
around with the music. We ordered some room service,
and we were just chillin’. It’s crazy how not-nervous
I was the day of. I even did my own makeup
because I just didn’t want anyone else to touch my
face the day of because, let’s be honest, I do
know my face the best, and I like it to look a particular way. So I thought I would just
take the reigns on that. Another great moment was
when we had our first look. This is when Ben saw me for
the first time in my dress, and I didn’t expect to
tear up, but I really did. We both just teared up. And I know it’s because we’ve
been waiting for this moment for such a long time so
it felt really cathartic for me to see him in his
suit and me in my dress. There’s so many other
freaking amazing moments, like, for real, after we said our vows, I looked at the crowd, and I saw everyone that we freakin’ loved. It was a pretty small wedding,
like a hundred people. There’s so many other
moments, honestly, too, but we will save that for
our separate wedding Q and A when that happens. I really want Ben to sit down and tell his side of the memories as well. I think it will be really fun to film, but we’ll be answering more
wedding questions in that video. But now we are on the final
step, which is lipstick. I’m using this one by Dear Dahlia. This is in the shade Bella, and it’s, of course, a
really pretty shade of coral, so I’m gonna apply that
onto my lips right now. I’m just using my finger just to kind of blot it a little bit ’cause I don’t want it
to look too perfect. I want it to look really
lived in and effortless, and honestly, I see all of the
Stylenanda models doing this, so I’m just applying it to myself. All right, guys, this is the
finished Face of the Month. I had so much fun filming this, and just catching up with you guys. I would love to know
what you guys are up to in the comments down below, or if you guys like to tell me what kind of makeup look
you’d like to see next, please write down below. I would love for you guys to check out the description box to check out all the amazing
products by Hourglass. I wanna thank them once again because they are one of my favorite makeup brands, and for them to be partnering
with me is such a big deal. So thank you so much, Hourglass. And I wanna thank you guys for watching. And I’ll see you guys in the next one. Bye! Muah! (jazzy music)


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