Central Vision Loss Rehabilitation

We take these patients who have a dead part of the central retina are using a fixation area to the horizontal side and forcing them
and training them to look above or look below so that
they can get the image what they’re looking at onto retina which will still be working whether they looked the right or to the
left. That turns out to be extremely important
for reading a patient who has a horizontal deficit to the left or to the right
cannot read, but if the training allows them to use
a position above or below the point of
normal fixation, they’re able to read without difficulty.
This provides many benefits in their daily activities of life. It has been an exciting translational
approach to eye movement research that we’ve been
conducting in my laboratory for the last 45 years. The impact that this has on individual
patients has been remarkable. We have a wall filled with testimonials from very happy
patients who have gone through this program. It is very gratifying here in the
twilight of my career to be involved in research that’s taking
our basic knowledge and applying it, translating it, to the

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