Henshaw’s – eye conditions – cataracts
Welcome to Henshaws Knowledge Village my name is Mark Belcher and this is a micro
video on the eye condition cataracts before I get into it I just want to
introduce it to the aira simulator at the moment you will see cataracts at the
early stages. During this video Deb my trusty finger is going to move
that dial from essentially from bad to worse so at the end of the video you
will have indication of how our glaucoma Sorry how cataracts would look at the
later stages. So cataracts is the clouding of the lens of the eye and it
affects mostly people over 65. It gives blurry some say misty vision, colors are
definitely washed out and you could be more sensitive to light. It affects your
ability to carry out daily tasks such as driving. Replacing the failed
lens with an artificial ones can give really good results but obviously
surgery has complications so you need to consult that with your consultant. If you
want to know more about cataracts then please check out the links in the
description below thanks for watching take care our videos are helping people
across the world if you found them useful please donate on our website so
we can keep making more videos like this in the future. Henshaw’s supporting
people with sight loss and a range of other disabilities to go beyond

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