Cataract Surgery Testimonial Raleigh, NC- Kelly Eye Center

that i didn’t realize that i had
cataracts admitted some some differences in innovations that when i went in for
miami lag sam that one of the first things that the
dot transplanted he noticed any difference division an asset cement
thing i’ve noticed is night driving around likes it looks like stars uh… antacid and i think maybe you know my glasses maybe changed
because i’m having some difficulties reading small fry sanction at bus stops and he said that was take a look doctor says he has innings of cataract
and may get out here c specialists and he recommended to doctors uh… research by problems topic people since the end of the each of them and
decided that luckily was a lot i want to see dot kelly was very professional didn’t do a lot of chit chatting you but he was doing and give them more
cataract surgeries than anybody in there my first experience and not to tell us office times
fantastic everybody’s professional there on time
he didn’t have to sit and wait not a contract that i think i’ve got a cup of
coffee in common names there you know we’re ready for him uh… obviously they knew but they were
doing and it seemed as if everybody had been trained on the same page and they were just professionalism that
starts at a news at this time yourself and dot the family’s asking in introduced
himself he said he didn’t free for a class and i said yes i have and lisa let’s take a look he said yes you are a good candidate for
cataract surgery this is what we will be in town we will
do it explain the whole process uh… even with the uh… model habbo and he says he thinks acted like he was
going to do and did meet with the transportation
coordinator you answered every question and expand night that’s not quite correct because i
had a question after i came back and ten o’clock and she answered that one i didn’t have to wait for a return call
fasted atmosphere at this morning and talk to you know with the patient
coordinator and i have another question would it be possible photographer
absolutely and adhered and she answered that question life is different now after having
cataract surgery from the standpoint of computer work no classes reading stories two grandchildren
playing games grandchildren’s necklaces watching basketball games necklaces
uh… not restricting the glasses and i am proud advantage where sunglasses and not have kept christian
fungal acid and it’s just this wonderful not having the wonderbra my glasses are are having
a fair hearing appearance farther we have here in our office six two six four eight

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