Cataract: Causes and Treatment

>Please explain to us what is cataract,
what is causing it, and you actually have an image that is going to help us better
understand what cataract is?>Well if you look at the graphic the 3D image that we
have this is a great 3d image because if we look right in the center of the eye
that’s actually done for a cataract it’s a little filmy, hazy, the lens that’s the
lens in the eye and we turn it to the side the lens in the eye is inside the
eye at about this level in a twelve-year-old perfectly clear this is
more the lens of a 68 year old or 74 year old. So it gets harder to see more
difficulty low-light becomes tougher. “gosh doctor I do all I want to do is see
the baseball scores on the bottom of my TV can’t you please fix my glasses” when
we look at that type situation Yes that’s the problem it’s cataract, not
your glasses.>So that film that you just pointed out is that one of the symptoms
of cataract?> Yeah. You won’t feel anything in your eye the only thing that will
happen is that you will have vision that’s not clear. You’ll think it’s
something else and your doctor will tell you. Now I do need to make it clear every
cataract does not need surgery. Everybody in my office at 61 is gonna
have something, it only needs to be addressed when the vision really stinks.
>Doc who is the best candidate for the surgery that we were talking about?>Well
the cataract surgeries interesting so one of the few operations where your
doctors doesn’t tell you, and generally you tell your doctor “geez doc I can’t
see” well you have a cataract your only option is deliver that if you’re happy
if life is good keep going otherwise you need to have it done. So it can be done
at any age it should be done when the vision is not good and can it be made
better with glasses. I began my career in the early 1980s cataract surgeries
evolved enormously, it is incomparable what we do now to what we did back then.
Now it’s really restorative… I will tell you that you can see better than you
ever have perhaps better than you remember after cataract surgery. It is an
exchange of a body part this cloudy lens gets removed we get an artificial lens —
you actually brought — so actually I have that over here in front of you and this is the small little lens implant this is a much larger
version of it and I’ll put that right over here
this is a larger version of that lens implant and of course down in cements
right at the top over there. So your lens gets taken out new lens get put in this
one is a representative of one type there are different choices you have.
When the patient does have canisters we’ll give you a choice this is what you
could have what would you like a terrific way to go, again not everyone
has a cataract need surgery you’re doing well keep going until the point where
you’re really not doing well.

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