Cat eye diseases, treatment, prevent them, and blind cat caring

The most beautiful thing of cat, is its eyes but, do you know dear viewer that those beautiful eyes, may be became blind?! in this video you will learn about the causes of blindness of cats, diseases of their eyes, how to treat and prevent them, and how to deal with blind cats but before starting, I hope you dear viewer to subscribe to Our Sat (our satellite) channel by activating the notification bell, which appears after clicking the red box “Subscribe” First: Diseases of the eyes of the cats
and their causes and methods of treatment 1. Infection and inflammations they are caused by viruses, bacteria, fungus, or parasites the symptoms are red eyes, swelling, the emergence of some tears, or itching of the eyes symptoms of cold and runny nose may also appear treatment In this case, it may be simple to care
about the cleanliness of the eyes, use a drop of baby eyes for cleansing twice a day treatment may require a visit to the veterinarian, if not responds 2. Corneal ulcers it is a disease of the loss of transparent tissue, which allow the passage of light into the eye it is caused by injury, infection, or insufficient amount of tears produced by the eye its symptoms, the presence of an cloudy opaque membrane on the affected part of the cornea as it may accompany it, pain in the eye, redness, and continuous tear secretion treatment here must be a visit to the veterinarian and may require surgical intervention neglecting this disease may
cause popeye or total loss of vision 3. Eye wounds most of which occur as a result
of male quarrels in mating seasons or injuries and bruises, exposed to the eye
of the cat because of the exit from the house symptoms include redness of the eye, swelling, and pain here, you should quickly use the baby’s eye drops, and use of tea compresses if a tumor is found, until you take the cat to the veterinarian 4. Eye sensitivity if you see the cat’s eye blush with redness, and itching eye, it may be allergic the cause of allergies is dust, strong smell of perfume, or cigarette smoke here you wash the cat’s eyes with disinfectant drops of children’s eyes and wipe them gently with wet cotton if there is no response to
the treatment within two days, you should speed up to the veterinarian 5. Glaucoma it is known that the disease of blue water, It appears when the eye pressure increases cause of increased secretion of its internal fluids, with a blockage within the eye channels which stops the flow of those fluids, then the blue water appears this disease is accompanied by severe eye pain, redness, and sore eye color as soon as you notice these symptoms, you should speed up to your veterinarian, you may be delayed for a few minutes, which may cause your cat to become blind 6. White water it appears as a white cloud on parts of the eye lens or all of them inhibits the light’s
access to the inside of the eye thus gradually losing sight,
and possibly total blindness often seen in cats, as a disease of aging and can be treated with
surgical intervention in the veterinary clinic Second: Protect the eyes of cats from diseases it’s very simple all you have to do is
clean your cat’s eyes periodically it also checks periodically every year, or every six months,
if the cat is older than three years do not be too slow to deal with any symptoms, even if it is simple Third: How to take care of blind cat the cat is blinded,
does not mean the end of its happiness or the end of your relationship with it it will and also you, adapt to the new situation but make some minor adjustments: 1. Minimize obstacles at home, so as to reduce the
likelihood of the cat hitting things 2. Do not change the
arrangement of furniture or changing places of its food and water because it has a strong
memory of the sites of things 3. Keep the house quiet and clean where the sensitivity of hearing and
smell senses in the blind cat will increase to distinguish between
what is safe and what is dangerous 4. Your voice increases
the quietness of the cat when it feels next to you so, you have to talk to it, or touch the cat’s head,
so that it can locate your place 5. Exit the blind cat outside the house, put it at risk if you think you can not monitor them well, do not let it go out basically 6. Play with your cat as it used to focusing on games that produce sounds Finally dear viewer you have to know that the cat is often less tense
than the owner when it loses its sight it does not know that
this is an “abnormal” situation yesterday it was seeing and now it does not see so you should not
overstate what it is going through what a human goes
through if he loses his sight instead, focus on making sure
it get a good, happy life in other ways.


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