Cassini, topographer, explained by Dr Daniel Casado

The Cassini Topographer
for a precise correction of astigmatism Visiondiez Eye Clinics
Cassini The Cassini topographer
has developed into a fundamental tool… for the surgical correction
of our patients’ astigmatism. Its principal advantage is that
it measures both the anterior… and the posterior surface of the cornea,
and it does so with very high precision. It uses LED technology… which is very common nowadays,
as we all have LEDs in our homes… but the Cassini is capable of
analysing the reflections… produced by the LED lamps
on the anterior surface of the cornea… and analyze the Purkinje image… which is like the reflection the LEDs
produce on the posterior surface of the cornea. It’s a unique device.
There is no other like it. It’s the first device that reliably measures
the shape of the cornea’s back surface. With this type of device
you will get superior results. A much more accurate measurement
and much better visual recovery.

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