Career Salary Information : How Much Money Does an Optometrist Make?

Hello I’m Cheri Ashwood, I’m a guidance counselor
and today I’m going to tell you how much does an optometrist make? An optometrist is a medical
doctor that specializes in the human eye. You may diagnose and treat diseases, injuries,
and different conditions relating to the human eye or the visual system. You will average
about $100,000 a year in this profession and it is not for lack of education. Most optometry
students already hold a four year Bachelor’s Degree. You will be required to have some
pre-optometry study maybe about three years that depending on where you choose to earn
your education may be included in your under graduate education. On top of this you will
probably spend another four years on top of your three years preparing for a four year
optometric degree. This is a medical degree and it will be highly esteemed and with any
medical profession I would strongly suggest a love for math and science and a love for
a challenge. I’m Cheri Ashwood, I’m a guidance counselor, and your future starts today.


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