Car Accident Settlement (Herniated Disc in Lower Back)

– I was just parked in
a car on the way to work and, you know, while waiting
for the cars in front of me to start moving,
got drilled from behind. The car we were in was a total loss. Justin was a high school
friend of my brother’s. My brother actually recommended to call Justin after the accident. And I felt some soreness in my neck and in my back that same day, and just over throughout that next
week got worse and worse. And I got treated by my primary
physician which is my dad. There was a little, like,
time lapse in treatment. Five, six months down the
road, I went to get out of bed one day, and
things just got real bad. They progressively got worse
over the next month, I’d say. Lost feeling from the ankle down, lost the reflex in my foot, you know, the pain running down my leg was probably the worse pain I’ve ever felt. Actually, I got the MRI first, and my friend Derick told me
about the huge disc problem. Went to go see the neurosurgeon, and he gave me two options: either direct steroid shots straight into the disc, which he didn’t recommend, ’cause he said it’d come back, or the surgery. So, went with the surgery as soon as possible just to get rid of that pain. The driver that hit
our car had State Farm. So we went through State Farm, dealt with them through this case. I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t expecting anything crazy just because of the
time lapse in treatment, or the time period that
passed between treatments. But State Farm settled for
their bodily injury limits, which I was very excited about. So all in all, I gotta say
it was a great experience dealing with Justin and
Jenny and the whole firm. – [Justin] JX Helps, a
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