Calculate the Corneal Surgically Induced Astigmatism with your iPhone or iPad

Hi and welcome to this new video, my name is Manuel Rodríguez, Research Manager at Qvision in Almería (Spain) Today I would like to introduce you how you can start to use the BigSIA in order to compute the Corneal Surgically Induced Astigmatism Lets start by means of pressing on the BigSIA icon, now the app is running you can see here we have a list of subjects differenciated by means of a pseudoidentifier this is the number which identifies the patient no personal data are saved inside the application this is something important to understand.The application does not save any personal data of the patient you cannot identify the patient if you are not the person who has inserted the data we are going to create a new subject by means of pressing to the + button at the top right side and insert here the pseudo identifier I am going to use the number 1 for instance and press save you have here the new subject that we have introduced in the application Lets continue by means of inserting the data of this patient I am going to press over the subject and you can see on the top part of the screen you have the demographic data the purpose of this section is to collect data if you want to perform any kind of correlations between the Surgically Induced Astigmatism and any other variables like age, sex, eye… the application nowadays is not conducting any kind of research but you can use this section as a Case Report Form in order to collect your data and later exporting the data for using in any other software just for an example press on the age button and change the age of this patient and you have here the new update of the age of the patient lets continue by means of creating a new exam, press the + button you are going to have the protocol list so any protocol in research you know it is a common way to act in different subjects so you can insert a new protocol for instance depending on the eye or depending of the device that you have used in order to measure the corneal astigmatism or also by means of creating different kind of incisions in different subjects I am going to create a new protocol by means of pressing on the plus button for instance the name for this protocol is going to be “protocol ex” and you can see a list of description of the protocol for instance a protocol includes only right eyes, it is important only to include right or left eyes in one protocol, don’t mix eyes in any protocol IMPORTANT: ONLY PROTOCOL NAME IS REQUIRED. THIS SECTION IS ONLY TO REMIND YOU THE SETTINGS YOU USED You have here the new protocol: “Protocol ex” and we are going to assign this protocol to an exam of a subject you can see here a new exam in the exam list you can delete the exam by means of moving this exam and pressing “delete” I am not going to delete the exam and for inserting the preoperative and postoperative data just press on PREOP select the Keratometry, this is the corneal power you have to introduce orthogonal components of the axes You can see here that I have not inserted any astigmatism You can see here that the SIA appears in the center of the exam You can create more exams for this patient

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