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welcome to us over at Boca Raton
laser eye surgery doc comment today we present the six copper reasons why laser eye
surgery may not be for you is Rs surgery is amazing and if we can
help you to massively increasing your vision but it’s not for everybody while he will
look into it you know a lot of people who look into it maybe they shouldn’t do that it’s not
for everyone so wanna go over it what we’ve seen the top 6 reasons why you may not be the
right candidate for laser eye surgery so let’s get started on number one if
your prescription is change in the past year on order for laser eye surgery really
sick to be performed all your prescription has to be fairly
consistent for at least a year are common people who may not be able to
do this are if you’re pretty young like early twenties your eyes are still
adjusting a lot and then stabilize yets I love he will most certainly hormones
that are fluctuating like diabetes and some shit thats on this in general your prescription
needs to have been at the same for at least a year if it has and then you probably should
wait a year to you and just let stabilize first second one is that quick and easy one
but we can only perform in if you’re over the age of 18 so pure under the age 18 then sorry about the wait a
couple years definitely have to do partially with the prescription of
course a number three is if you actively
participate in context sports you may not want laser eye surgery on it could be boxing martial arts wrestling 8007 activities which might
incur blows to the face and eyes I definitely want to be careful that cuz
they could definitely hurt the I and we don’t want anything bad happening
there so if you’re a man a fire you might not want this but anyway I am Number Four is if you’re
on medications or have any certain disease which respects wound healing on this is definitely an
important one because obviously good part this is going to be healing and
whatnot so make certain conditions such as
autoimmune diseases and other sort of things like diabetes
and certain medications you may be on might make it harder for the healing
process which is extremely important obviously a few more questions on that
would be happy to talk to you in person on number five is is a real
one no money if your money is tight if you you know don’t how the money for this thing maybe
you shouldn’t do it you know it’s not super cheap it’s not
super expensive but it will be at least a thousand dollars
probably per I depending on where you go and you know I obviously a lot of times
places do have payment plans or what not but it’s not worth going into debt over
this you know like if you can do it certainly could be a
great blessing for your life but you know money is important so if
money is tight for you you might want to rethink until you have a little more
money and you can spend it on this in the last
one and possibly the biggest one that people don’t talk about is you may not be there a candidate if
you’re not a risk taker you know one the most common questions
we hear is you know is there riskin I mean honestly there is it’s not a big
one there’s actually a higher risk I love having problems
with contact lenses that he wear them for an extended period of time like if
you compare so unless when wearing contact lenses for ten to
twenty years they have a higher risk of having you know problems infections what-not bacteria
verses you know laser eye surgery but there is
a risk to it there is definitely it’s still fairly new procedure as far as you know the outcome far as
everyone considers it so there is a certain risks to it you
just have to be in a day in outweigh the pros and cons in do your research in def wanna schedule
an appointment with like one or two local laser eye
surgery places and talk to them and get a better sense look look here I lot
and do a very thorough scan because 3-d imaging and
they can tell whether you get candy based on your eyes and what it might
cost what procedure but at the end that you
might have to take a risk so we hope you enjoyed that some
definitely if you’re looking for a laser eye surgeon in the Boca Raton Florida
area you call 561 692 m6 8 we’ll connect you with the very best
that there is for laser I had LASIK eye surgeons in Boca Raton Florida so thanks for
watching guys and have a great day

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