Blue Eye Shadow Tips : Applying Pink Blush

Okay, so now that the foundation is on, we’re
going to move on to blush. And for this look since we’re doing blues, it’s a cool color,
we’re going to use kind of like a rosy cheek look. So pinks, and we’re going to do a little
bit of a glow so any sort of pinks. I’m going to combine, actually, a rosy pink with another
kind of light, shimmery pink. So, I’m going to take this kind of rosy pink color and I’m
just going to put it right on the apples of her cheeks. Right across the cheek bone. And
I’m kind of stippling it into the cheek rather than brushing it or swiping it because all
that’s going to do is push the color off the face. So by buffing it in or stippling it
in, it’s going to give that rosy cheek glow. Kind of like she pinched her cheeks or she
just ran a mile and she’s flushed.
And a little bit at a time. Add a little bit at a time until you get your desired look,
depending on how dark your skin is. She’s pretty fair so I’m just doing a little bit
at a time. Add a little more to this side just to make sure they look even. A little
bit on the bridge of the nose. And then I’m going to add more of a sheer, shimmery pink
just right on top just to give a bit of a glow and a highlight. And you can do that.
You can combine and blend all your different make-ups together. Sometimes you may not like
one by itself, but together they look awesome. And with this highlight, you can put this
on the face just to give it a glow. And look how awesome that looks. Like she just looks
like she has a natural flushed cheek.


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