Best Youtube Camera 2020? Canon M50 vs M6 Mark ii

Ahoj. This is Zdenka. I absolutely love
my Canon M50 but last month I added another camera which is Canon M6 mark ii. I had a chance to tested it fully in that month. I took it to a few shoots. I
even filmed few YouTube videos with it and last weekend, I took it to a wedding
where I tested it in terms of photography. I shot with it during the
day and in the evening, in low-light conditions. Well, what do I think? Do I
think it is worth upgrading from Canon M50 and mainly, why do I believe
and I do believe, that’s this camera which had quite a bit of negative
reviews when it was first announced, is having a complete turned around and is
going to be one of the best sellers when it comes to vlog cameras next year in
2020. If you are new here, welcome. My name is
Zdenka Darula. I create photo and video tutorials, tech reviews like this one
and creative camera challenges, so if that’s something you’re interested in
you might consider clicking that subscribe button. Well, let me grab those two cameras. Canon M50 and Canon M6 Mark ii. Let me show
you the differences, let me show you some samples and tell you what I really think
and let’s start with the build and design. Both cameras have quite similar size.
Their design is however different. M6 mark ii is tiny but heavier. When I hold
those two, I cannot really feel the difference. To me, it is quite the same.
The obvious difference is that M50 has electronic viewfinder and has flip
out screen which you can rotate. M6 mark ii doesn’t have viewfinder. You can
attach it if you need it. The screen you can pull out and tilt up. What do I think
about this? When it comes to viewfinder, I really don’t need this. Those who are
following me for a while know already that at the beginning of this year I was
diagnosed with some problems with my right eye. Basically I’m seeing lot of
floaters, I have a spasm, I have pains in my right eye. I had early stage of retina
detachment and all because I was using the viewfinder for so many years, having
all those strobes flashing into my eye. And after talking to many professionals
this year in the industry, I realized how common it is. But don’t you worry, it’s
fine. It only hurts quite a bit after the weddings because I’m still using the
viewfinder on the other DSLR quite a bit. So then I have to rest. So my priority
right now is not to use the viewfinder but actually use the screen a lot more.
The only time I would attach the viewfinder is if I would be shooting on
a very bright a day and I could not see the screen
very clearly or if I will be shooting with my telephoto lens which is 70 to
200 millimeters. That lens is super heavy for me and it’s much easier for me
to hold it closer. When it comes to screen itself, I really don’t mind that
on the M6 Mark ii I cannot flip the screen to the side. If I’m doing a video,
I flip the screen upwards and I can still see myself very clearly so there’s
no issue there. And actually during the weddings when I was shooting all angles
and I really like to shoot all angles, it just looks so much nicer.
I had the screen tilted upwards like this and I really enjoyed it because I
didn’t have to do this. I didn’t have to round my back. My back was not sore
anymore. It was, it was very comfortable. I was just holding the camera like this, I
was just looking down. I really, really, really liked it. The only thing I prefer
on the Canon M50 is the fact that you can just rotate the screen and kind of
flip it in, so the screen gets protected. Especially if you are caring it
somewhere in the bag. On this one, the screen is always exposed. I’m thinking
about getting a screen protector. Both cameras have pop-up flash which I don’t
use. I would be more careful though on the m6 mark ii. The mechanism is quite you know, I would be just more gentle with it. If you look at the top, there is extra
dial. This dial controls my aperture but you can control other things. When you
press the dial function button, the dial in the front controls your shutter speed
and I love the dials. That’s actually something I really enjoyed at the
wedding because it made me operate the camera very fast. The M50 doesn’t have it
and when I was shooting with that at the wedding, it really slowed me down. So I
really preferred to have those dials on the top. The dial with modes has more
options on the M6 mark ii. There is FV which is flexible priority
and then we have C 1 and C 2 which is program AE 1 and 2. Red record button
has been moved to the back which I like better. There is also new manual focus
and autofocus button with autofocus on in a center and that one I like
better. On the Canon M50 I accidentally pressed the manual focus
button many times, but here it is very clear and it’s just better. Let’s talk
about picture quality. Here is a photo side-by-side taken with both cameras.
Let’s look at the main differences. Canon M50 is 24.1 megapixel camera. Canon m6 mark 2 is 32.5 megapixel camera. Image resolution on M50 is 6000 x 4000 pixels. On M6 mark ii it is 6960 x 4640 pixels so they are a little bit
bigger. This gives you more room when you want to crop the images but still wants
to maintain high quality prints. And let’s zoom in to hundred percent. I took
both images with the same lens, just a kit lens 15 to 45 millimeters and as I
mentioned, I took both cameras to two separate weddings because I wanted to
test them out to see how it would be to operate them in such a fast-paced
environment and I still wanted to see how it’s gonna perform in low-light
and I can tell you right now that I really didn’t like the Canon M50 that
much. For those interested to see the actual video where I’m talking about it,
the link is in a video description below so you can watch it after this one. So
just like I did with the M50 I threw Viltrox speed booster with 50
millimeter lens on it and took photos at wedding which was in kind of dark wooden place. They had some light there but it was it was quite dark. I shot in full
manual mode as I always do and I was pleasantly surprised that it was easy to
work with. Again the dials really helped, the autofocus is brilliant. It was working very fast and I didn’t
miss any important moments and I didn’t even need a flash. Here is for comparison
photo I took with my DSLR which is 5D mark 3 at the same wedding and with
portrait lens 24 to 105 millimeters and I had to use a flash. Now here is a photo
from Canon m6 mark 2 with no flash. Quite impressive right? I still didn’t test this camera with flash, with external flash as I really
don’t have one comparable but that will come in the future. Let’s talk about
autofocus which is so good. Both cameras have dual pixel autofocus system but m6 and two is a bit more advanced. Focusing brightness is a wider minus 5
to 18 versus minus 2 to 18 and has spot autofocus mode. It also enables eye
detection when tracking a subject. When recording video or in burst mode sports
and wildlife photographers will prefer m6 mark 2 because it is capable of
shooting up to 14 frames per second. That’s the maximum continuous shooting
speed with autofocus tracking feature. It has electronic shutter which enables
raw burst mode and it is silent so the electronic shutter makes silent shooting
possible. So you can take a series of photos with different focus and then
merge them in 1 in software like Photoshop for example and I know that a
lot of landscape photographers are using that technique. Now let’s talk about a
video. At this very moment right now this camera doesn’t shoot 24 frames per
second. It shoots 30 frames per second but Canon is changing that. In early 2020
whoever purchased this camera will be able to update the firmware where 24
frames per second feature will be added and I totally know that cannon actually had to do that if they want to hit the sales.
And by doing that I strongly believe that this camera will be the next big
thing in 2020. So let’s say this camera will soon shoot at 24 frames per second.
Now you can also shoot 4k in 30 frames per second and it’s not cropped like
canon M50 and there is also autofocus. On Canon m50 there is no autofocus if you shoot in 4k. It also shoots 60 frames per second and 120
frames per second in Full HD which is 1080p. On Canon M50 it is in 720p.
You can shoot time-lapse in 4k and also take 4k video frame photo. When it comes to time lapses, there are the same options on both cameras but if you want
to do the proper photo sequence the proper for the time-lapse, for example
sunrise or sunset or the flower opening, then the Canon m6 mark 2 has
intervalometer built-in so you don’t need an external trigger or you don’t
need another software. 3 more things we need to talk about. Memory cards,
batteries and the price. Batteries are different than what you got with Canon M50. M50 uses LP-E12 batteries which get you about 235 shots. It all depends
how much you use the screen and playback. And 6 mark 2 uses LP-E17 batteries and
gets you roughly 305 photos. You can also charge the camera via USB port which is
awesome when you travel. You cannot do that with the M50. When it comes to
memory cards both cameras use SDXC cards. M6 mark 2 supports UHS type 2 cards
which is ultra high-speed data transfer of up to 312 megabytes a second. M50
supports UHS type 1 where transfer is up to 104 megabytes a second. When it comes to price, the difference between those two bodies,
again it depends on the story on a deal I’ve seen is around $300. And I
absolutely see the M6 mark 2 as the next best vlog camera. I don’t necessarily see
it as the best camera when it comes to photography but when it comes to video
for vlog with the added 24 frames per second, yes absolutely. For those interested, I posted links to both cameras in a video description
below for you to check the pricing. Those are international links so you can see
the pricing in your currency based on where you live. Hit the thumbs up if you
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questions, comments or simply want to say hello, you can do so in a comment section
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prefer and why. I would love to read that so please do that in the comment section
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