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our topic today is that i care and my
guest is uh… doctor darcy dissent from mike and i care here in charleston
thanks for coming in the shelving staffing almost insecure that question that you
probably get a lot what difference between optician an optometrist added ophthalmology has a
first of all which one are you women optometry kang so uh… there are very
similar words so it’s easy to get them confuse a higher and politicking is finding out to stand and somebody who would help you to use glasses use um… they help you find out what lands is best for year old uh… an optometrist is actually a primary care physician and we do classes
prescriptions delhi also tree high diseases uh… i infections to treat
things like glaucoma and then an ophthalmologists and send
m_d_ but sometimes a deal a medical doctor who is dying donna residency and some field related
c_d_i_ aka so thank you karen surgeons are writing specialists are corneal
specialists and a lot of things out three professions works together or
something or causes our eyes to get bad at the first place that we
needed to get glasses or contacts nothing i’ve thought anything that seeing the things that you
want or need to see and there’s a possibility is that you need glasses or
contacts and it’s all based on light enduring the
agd your are corny and that’s the front
clear part but their rate despite are behind our
pupil is something called the land sinn dvm
answer just like your camera has allowance that focuses your picture the lands for addy focuses things that we see and sometimes they released because i
thought this is a perfectly integrates at so um… in general your lens not focusing today rates that
would be like would cause someone to need glasses or contact our is bad eyesight uh… hereditary i think sir obviously sometimes it can
be and sometimes is not very near-sighted and my parents arts so in that case i don’t think that it
was uh… doesn’t public they knew the answer that
question you can take it it would be a very worthwhile but there’s a lot of
studies looking at why sup archives developed the way that they
do you know and especially in kids who are nearsighted
if we knew what made him nearsighted then maybe we
could even provide cdn and one of the kind of intersting studies in
the last two years so ways that do you think navibank you rita latter
but clean video games a close all the time amy can steer stated uh… peace the study is not really support that
even though it seems like it make sense in this new series showing that being outdoors and there is actually not
even related to seemed like looking at things prayer we’re not doing close work bank actually alan to our light me because that a positive effect on how
our eyes and for men could potentially make a layered west nearsighted so that all those years
your mother said don’t sit too close to the t_v_ localized area you harrier
isaac except for an actresses to have that
effect in they know it we don’t think that has much of an
effect on how r our eyes actually for marc whether or
not we become nearsighted her first it’d the till does all the work that we do it
computers does that create some level of high strength for us were definitely
there’s something called even computer vision singer around him and there’s a couple of things uh…
aladdin’s they’re pretty intents at looking at whatever alert doing on the computer so one issue is that we don’t blink as much as they share and that causes
the dry i a simple and there’s also glare at that comes off of some computer
screens that kind of getting better these days and so uh… that can cause a stupid
squinting karzai stream to uh… when year on the computer it’s
really dead try to take a break through in about
every twenty minutes or so uh… make sure that your blinking
agonist elections all recommend artificial tears
the wedding japs indications there on the computer a lot uh… may even make a coating on glasses
that cuts down on cl and clear what’s uh… start with young children
when it comes to i’d care derek there’s a light law correct that well have you explain sorry uh… any child enduring and allan nice goal for the
first time so if it’s kindergarten or if they’ve moved from another statement is actually required not only to have a
vision screening which is a basic at schools they too have indicted and by and night actor okay and and one of the things that kind of brought that about was
actually teachers came ceo the ellen i have to magic association in
ophthalmology association about this legislation and it wasn’t
started to highlight the actors that i think the key to see the importance that
vision to their students so when bills children are getting those screening
test would have died after slipping four in which parents the aware sir uh… and we strata and seeking other
parents father there so that they know what we’re doing in the computer watch
there too kids on the road and continue to bring
him in frags hands but we first check their vision non
especially in younger kids wanna make sure that they revisions
about the scene any tag right there’s a tight curve lazy eye wednesday is actually where one i just has a life tire prescription than the other and if you had a child like that n_b_c_ find but they really using one ac and unless you know cover that i even they sometimes don’t know are
sometimes they’re aware of that that they just think it’s normal they don’t
know anything about it and so we’re looking for that ’cause
that’s something that has to be ka and actually treated at a young age okay and we also need to share that their
eyes worked together as a team as far as the muscles gulf so making sure that
they uh… contract words properly on impedes the check their color vision and their
depth perception and then also the health of their agassi okay because it didn’t think that usually is
the teachers that notice that you know their the child is squinting in
reports that home to paris what are some things though that parents
can be looking for their children mother at home to sort of take note of the
thinking early childhood vision problems on at i think squinting like you
mentioned you can get a lot of things that bring their kids and for sitting
too close to the t_v_ left so in its own and sometimes maybe they can
see it but it also i think there’s any intention is to
we’ve been closely gets it the last fifteen ready or not right at the very
high holidays sodden even sometimes that they just avoid reading doing any near
work because they might not know what to tell you that you know it hurts their attitudes their
head it’s not clear isn’t going to do it because it’s not
comfortable with my hands so several avoiding things up closer watching them for squinting rsync left
to go cctv so if you have i’d problems either have part you’re either far-sighted are
nearsighted and then you have an instant meat is a man and he explained those
three four s center we’re talking about the light coming in
c_i_a_ really are wang it the lands focuses it to do it closely to strongly it focuses in front
of the retina the revenues that inside surface of the ag and those are people who are nearsighted
ok oreo so-called myopia nine so either there eyes to ponder their lenses too strong
either way it’s not narrates patton and they usually can’t actually see see
things up clocks but it’s really hard to see things far
way because of that the other tape farsightedness recall
paper of the act and when the lands or the icy sort it all ends isn’t strong
enough it focuses be having there at night
uh… and people other far-sighted can
sometimes actually there are a disconnect focuses info real and and can bring that into
focus on the ratna and eminence did missus and as though
he’s going to do those people house and it’s actually usually moral aidid said cornea
preference that the city agn gng and it’s our corny analyst perfectly
round like the site of a basketball mandalite with all of the focusing the
same way but a lot of our corneas art perfectly
round they’re more like that a football and is commonly used you know
some people not the point and shoot monica exams today sinha and so there’s
more of a curved one way then the other evening and that causes late to actually
focus into suing different spots instead of
together silly me glasses to have those to or
contacts that have those two different powers built into it so that it brings
everything in the focus at that point plates you kind of have sort of like double a visionary danielski if it were severe unit have
kind of a double vision and the most instrument that being just can’t like it’s sad l healthcare of
fighting so it’s sometimes only astigmatism usually see okhane but it’s just not sure um… let’s talk about as as kids get older or did he say mom i
want context i don’t want to wear glasses anymore what age do you recommend is a good age
for her teenagers are kids to get contacts do you sleep till had been specific age
that i recommend by it’s more related sue conversation
with the parents and the child and discussing the latter would be
expected of them as far as look what they have to do to take care
of the lenses kingman as he came out and getting a feeling for whether
they’ve both feel like the child is mature enough that he and all that sounded and pad seven-year-old such contacts you did
great vision then sometimes you have adult so get taken care of let’s talk about this summer that i
promise that we have as we get bolder and i’m thinking of dhlakama cataracts macular degeneration uh… talk to us a little bit about the
set with cataracts when what is that what caused the senate and cataracts is
where that lang’s inside a tea at even talking about and in actually gets a little bit cloudy
over time and a a circuit that dr pureed tell his patient is a little
babies have cataracts because it’s something that starts really slowly over a lifetime and eventually gets to the point where
we’re looking through it this cloudy lands and we’re not seeing things the way that
we do need to or wants him and the treatment for that of course is typically cataract surgery so they can
actually cataracts urging hanson ophthalmologists who specializes
in that well you know that state that lands out and replace it with aid
clear and u_n_ that’s and actually made out of them
classic taking cereal and never gets cloudy bag and throughout
the lifetime wow ten days and days and people are calm but that’s that test that everybody hates to italy dot
every i_ doctor that papa bear in the eyes what uh… what is that telling you
as a doctor india accessing don’t even have a part of the airheads i
have been fsx always affecting facet an act i think that he political ad police have you got into
that and dies so glaucoma exam tide’s ease where at the pressure incited the ag is
too high and it doesn’t have to be s pacific number eight is being individual but that pressure then causes damage con the party i called the optic nerve
that’s really the court between ur eisner brain okay cell we’d check pressure because it’s
easy video even though some people don’t like the way it is not all this and and but we’re just making sure that it’s
it’s within normal range kindly can you go it’s a day dr interview blood pressure inside every
time uh… but were also then looking at the
nerve in making shirt that it looks healthy teo ok and the two
go hand in hand glaucoma is something where you know wouldn’t notice it on your own in
silicon had gotten and got a pretty severe account skid have ag cns attack for a vote would
be some of the symptoms if it is something really severe sixteen out in some cases there are different tapes emcore com and so there are some
that cries and really high pressure all the sudden and that can be king wally than heady knives and and then normal click that box on monday
doesn’t have that kind of pressure actually in that way they did affects our vision is first without for
a frail fission and then kind of coming in for the
meadow so if it were allowed to go on without treatment could end up with even tunnel vision or
and very severe cases blindness intent that brings me to another uh… issue
and that’s macular degeneration here a little more about this all the time what
is it and they write understand that there’s some new
treatments available without uh… macular degeneration is actually
the leading cries larry the leading i_d_’s ease over the age of sixty five
mm and done macula is a predator ratna sits
inside of the ag where all very very central vision
that’s so everything that you look straight ahead at sees it from reading
your scene some in space and in some people actually if we all
live long enough it starts to wear out stanton and some people have been
specimen others so there are two different types of macular degeneration heard about the fourth that one illness
called wet and yemen’s dry dry is more common in it usually has
less effect on vision and by we found that bag certain the vitamins and nutrients probably
helped to prevented or even prevent it from getting worse and the other tape is called wet and
that’s when there’s actually a little bit of blood vessels leaking thin bleeding in
macula and so that can cry as more severe vision lives uh… and there’s treatment for in the
past uh… sixty years or so where uh… using in medication it’s injected into
the ag and face seals up can’t rise up those my muscles there are people who sometimes get
really good vision back where before we had this treatment the uh… what had just lost their
central vision it’s interesting well there are ways to correct
irrigation so with laser eye uh… surgery how do you uh… wrecker who was
a recommended for a surgery like that so it usually it’s people who are
hearsay and uh… good candidates antique and cracked astigmatism c l_ uh… people that have healthy as in general of course
uh… and and another thing that kind of pops up a
leader in life is is stability inability to see things
that closest link doesn’t corrective action do you see there’s a lot here is that you think i can make sure
that people know what they can get out of it and what
they might not get out of it so what’s you half that uh… your eyes corrected then for the
rest of your life for what they kind of tend to get worse as you get a man’s as most people are usually pretty well that’s that’s not how i have
seen people have changes after they really sick uh… we all develop cataracts eventually his
though that is something down the road that can
still affect our vision although after cataract surgery and they
put the new ones in place thing seems to be pretty clear uh… after
that as well uh… when we were just talking about
cheater classes how do you know if you just need a pair of you know non-prescription cheater
glasses versus a perscription uh… probably getting an idea let’s go
to bed so when we sagged and sometimes people come
in uh… the men wearing reading glasses and maybe that is what they need to have
and that is sometimes they’ve also become pain a
little bit farsighted over time where they may have some this statement says
and then maybe there is an equal impaneling sell those cheaters and equal to our lives i’m not against use them anyway baggett
and they do you think the only way you can tell is padding and eyes and to make
sure that they are okay for you let’s talk in general about some things
that we can do it now to protect their eyes and decries healthy for many many years to come which we’d be
doing uh… if children wear something so we should be out the cartel fatwa
yeah of course really rising and z time
because there are over why don’t i diseases that have no and symptoms similarly saferstein
nightmarish yourself and then sunglasses who really good for
i zero aka actually ninety percent how you need the immense
terrorize happens before the age of eighteen really itself could sunglasses on the kids view and
and then as we talked about with macular degeneration eating good fruits and vegetables the
nutrients in your diet are actually and in the long run healthy for i_c_m_ okay when you talk about sunglasses is
it just any au-pair sunglasses that you get that that drugstore where there is are there
certain ones it’s book for makes sure that they actually blocked u_v_ a_ n_ unhappy lately hunter
percentmin and because otherwise you’re wearing these shades that need to be
pupil larger and larger wedding more and that is the danger is a reason to be
agnes uh… also did a big papi king
sunglasses is rather polarized or now k like polarized sunglasses n_b_c_ just be
for fisheries yet they cut down on glare evening and so it everything the roeder car windshields
all had some glaring coming off of them and so polarized sunglasses are a little
bit more comfortable for maids because what does that you’d be a u bt light doing to our eyes is that what’s
making a sparse had it in your side and our actually it’s probably way k decries inc adaran ok macular
degeneration in her and u_v_ lately notes her skin causes it
eight just before court reconvenes though and i i probably true that it cries of nine
cities more quickly as well he talked briefly about the v_ correct
and if it’s a there’s certain vitamins and minerals or supplements immune you
see on the store shelves you know that sounds good for i hope he declared some
sort of things that are that are good for our health realistic thing ’cause carrots na his adult life rather than a decade ek and yet lol beta carotene kids can’t
help but nightmares and there are people in countries that uh… john had paid me nutrition i definitely
the best of a little they can actually have the line is due to a lack of beta
carotene like a big problem here it nutrients they’re really good for
helping prevent macular degeneration are and to think called lutein lindsey is
ian then routine is found in spinning scale all
and kind dark green leafy vegetables and see if the antennas and things like
colorful packers and sleek learning don’t feel as things in your diet
denning make amends supplement ceo so again as we’ve got some at a minute
left um… once your talbot setting aside sam when they enter
school here in illinois how often do you recommend the night sam if there’s something that i’m watches
that they wear glasses so i i think they may need glasses down the road will
usually recommend once a year and then last they notice any problems before
then and if not and usually say about every two
years as a sacred general ag health thing i am dishonest kids they can’t a kid you
play nearsightedness so sometimes you don’t know didn’t have
a tendency to think they did raise them and working around that means no an exam is good for keeping on top of
that and then as we get older if you’ve never had glasses or contacts over the
age of now on a twenty five thirty how often should you be getting a axiom so
still a contact lens wearers especially b c
every year uh… betty even young healthy adults
usually about every two years what doctor dues and thank you for
coming on a show you the honored being our first i doctor seems to have you
back against the respecting

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