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SID: This is like
the trippiest game. KRISTEN: I know. [INTRO MUSIC PLAYING] SID SHUMAN: All right. We’re
checking out Beat Saber here. It’s coming to
PlayStation VR later this year. Justin Massongill
here, Kristen Titus. Justin, what’s the
verdict on Beat Saber? JUSTIN: Holy cow.
This is awesome. KRISTEN: Justin
is going to town. JUSTIN: I love this. This is the first time I
ever touched this game. SID: Yeah.
Super cool game. Just two developers;
two, three developers. KRISTEN: Yeah. Two developers
and one music composer. All the music in the game is
developed just for the game. SID: Having a little
difficulty over there, Justin? JUSTIN: Had to duck
under that thing. SID: Yep. KRISTEN: I was going to say, so how does it feel
actually moving? JUSTIN: It feels awesome.
The sabers are super responsive. Oh, sorry. I’m having a hard time
focusing and talking here. SID: Yeah. I don’t blame you.
I don’t blame you. PlayStation VR, I mean, getting a lot great games
coming out of E3. We have Tetris Effect coming up. That was introduced in the
Countdown to E3 program and so was Beat Saber. This is one a lot of folks have
been passionately asking for on PlayStation VR. And, luckily, it’s on the way. KRISTEN: I think one of the
great things about PSVR is we’re starting to see games that are
lots of different experiences. We got the music; we have
the game actually going; all the visuals that
are coming at you; and it’s sort of like an
all-inclusive experience. SID: Nice plug there, Justin. Good job.
That was good. JUSTIN: I got a B rank.
Not bad for my first try ever. SID: Let’s try another one. JUSTIN: Let’s try expert. KRISTEN: Oh my god. JUSTIN: I want to see how — I
want to see what my ability is, like, right off the bat here. SID: All right. Let’s go for it
if you’re confident. JUSTIN: I’ve been playing
music games my whole life, so I can sometimes pick
them up pretty quickly. Let’s see if I can do this. SID: Yeah. Justin is quite good at
music games and Tetris as well. KRISTEN: Yeah. SID: This looks
totally manageable. KRISTEN: There’s a lot more
bombs in this level though. SID: Yeah.
Careful, Justin. KRISTEN: I’m waiting for the
bass to drop and them all to just come flying. SID: Yeah. This is definitely
Justin playing on expert. JUSTIN: This is the
one from the trailer. SID: Yeah. Nice. KRISTEN: I’m, like,
leaning into it too, and I’m not even playing. SID: We’re just watching on the
social screen on the TV here. And, man, I want to
play this so bad. This looks so cool. KRISTEN: Oh my god. SID: He’s doing good. Go, Justin. JUSTIN: Oh man. You got to get the
colors on — you have to hit
them with specific colors. That’s really tough. SID: Wow.
That is cool. KRISTEN: Oh, yeah. I didn’t realize they were
switching sides like that. SID: Rhythm games make a ton
of sense in PlayStation VR. I was a huge fan of Thumper. Did you get a
chance to play that one? Yeah.
It was so cool. And what I love about this
game is there’s all this sort of style that you can
twirl them around. You can get really creative
with the way you sort of come at hitting these notes here. Such a stylish game. Great example of
minimalism as a strength. KRISTEN: I like just
watching Justin though. SID: He’s like a surgeon. KRISTEN: He has to reach around. JUSTIN: I’m failing
this song so bad. SID: You’re doing
pretty good, my friend. KRISTEN: Hey.
You’re on expert mode. For expert mode
you’re doing really well. SID: Yes. This is your second
time playing the game. You played it for three minutes.
I’m impressed. JUSTIN: Whoa!
That’s a cool pattern. KRISTEN: I like that too when it
just has the onslaught of them coming. Building up those
combos, Justin. The music too is just
really, really good. I’m getting distracted
just listening to it. SID: It’s very curated. This whole game is handcrafted.
These levels are hand-built, the developers were
telling me earlier. JUSTIN: I’m getting a
little sweaty here. This is a good workout. Oh, my goodness. Let’s give Sid a loss here. SID: All right. All right. JUSTIN: That wasn’t a very
good performance so you can have that one. SID: You did just fine.
Let’s do one more. JUSTIN: I got a D rank. SID: D. JUSTIN: Let’s do,
like, five more. I want to keep
playing this game. Let’s try — I’m just
going to do hard again though. I recognize that I’m not
quite at the expert level yet. SID: Soon enough. KRISTEN: One day. SID: So like what is it —
any observations from the field here, Justin, on just kind of
the style you’re using or any sort of approach? JUSTIN: Yeah. You can — so it’s flashy
to do the big movements and everything, but I find if I want
to try and score really well, you can use really
fine movements here and keep things more
in your field of view. Those ones swapped. But the sabers themselves feel
very, very responsive, like, just moving them around
feels completely natural. SID: Awesome. This is like the trippiest game. JUSTIN: I’m going to
play this so much. SID: I bet you are. KRISTEN: It’s just fun
to watch someone play it. SID: Yeah.
It just looks like pure fun. This is the kind of stuff I
love about just the VR medium. This is not a game that would be
created on a traditional gaming console, like
playing it on your TV. You probably wouldn’t — KRISTEN: Get the same
experience. SID: It wouldn’t
be the same thing. I don’t think anyone would even
think of it because it really requires kind of the immersion. KRISTEN: Lean like
Justin is right now. SID: Yeah. The one-to-one movements, all that kind of stuff that you
get with PlayStation VR. So super cool.
I love seeing this. I also love the success story
of just two folks and a musician kind of pulling
this game together. I was reading earlier that in a
few hours they put together the very, very, very first prototype
of Beat Saber after they decided they wanted to
see a rhythm game, a cool rhythm game on
the VR side of things. KRISTEN: Look
where that took them. SID: Look where it took them. I know they had some development
challenges along the way, but every time they would
show this game to their fellow developers at conferences
and things like that, people would flip out. They would be like, you
got to finish this game. So they said, “Okay. You know, we’re going to go
back and try to get over some of these hurdles that
we’ve been hitting.” And they brought it
out, and it’s a huge hit. I mean, this was taking over
reddit a couple of months ago. JUSTIN: Yeah. I’ve been watching
this one for a while, and I’m so excited to try it. I’m so happy that we
finally are getting this. I get to play it. I’m playing it right now. This feels so good. SID: Yeah. You can see those
sabers are very responsive. And I think that’s key
for a game like this. JUSTIN: And there’s a little bit
of feedback in the controllers themselves every
time you hit one. It feels really good. SID: Awesome. Good tunes too. JUSTIN: Oh, yeah. I’m going to buy the
soundtrack for this. KRISTEN: Justin is so into it. SID: Yeah. I love it. It’s getting fancy. Oh, that’s the poke. JUSTIN: I thought I could
poke those because it was just a circle.
I guess not though. SID: There you go. JUSTIN: That was pretty rad.
I love this game. SID: Very cool.
Very, very, very cool. That’s Beat Saber.
It’s coming to PlayStation VR. Thank you, Justin. Nicely done. And we’ll see you next time
on PlayStation Underground. [OUTRO MUSIC PLAYING]


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