Back to School Eye Exam with Our Mini-Mes

Do you need any help with your, um, eyes? My tooth hurts right here Are you sure you don’t want your glasses? It’s important to get your eyes checked every year Really? It’s a good idea! It’s a good idea cuz you can get glasses if your eyes are wrong to fix how do your glasses help you? To see better. I can see far away Cause one time mommy was trying to show me the bird that pooped on the car I couldn’t see it. That’s why I need my glasses Do your glasses help you read books? Yes, do you like to read I want to go to kindergarten and read some books so when they say “can you read” I’ll just read the whole thing Cause I have Dick and Jane books and some words are hard and I’ll just know them Hey, you took off your shoes and all your stuff? I feel like you need your glasses checked cause you’re not even wearing any? Skittles? That’s my favorite!

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