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how to use simple ingredients of cooking, to not only fight
white, gray, dull, brittle hair but also to allow the bulbs to
feed deeply, watch this video until the end the result really goes
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not to be forgotten As I said you will need an egg
, simply because the egg is one of the richest element that is and contains
the necessary ingredients and nutrients to nourish, revitalize and give back
sparkling color with hair, Then you will need a half lemon
why do you need us in this preparation, because the lemon abounds with virtues
unsuspected, the lemon contains organic acids including citric acid
Finally, it contains flavonoids, antioxidant compounds that help preserve our cells from
premature aging caused by free radicals.
It is of course in this context that we we will use it on our hair, for
prevent bleaching too fast, aging too fast, to become, weak brittle and
dull, In third place we will need
clarified butter, or butter of cow, or even butter e ghee, a lot of
people will tell me, pink that it’s I’ve never seen it but it’s a product
that you must know aboulent but especially absolutely test, it will not only have virtues
on your hair but on your entire body , indeed it has an interesting content in
fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E) But also contains the so-called “fat-soluble” vitamins:
A, E, D, and K. Vitamin A is important for our eyes: regular consumption of
ghee will participate in the smooth running of our retina, will facilitate the adaptation of
our eyes to the darkness, and participates to prevent eye imbalances
(glaucoma, cataracts and other degenerations …). Vitamins D and K, for their part, are valuable for
our nervous system and our bones.Vitamin E has a very powerful antioxidant action,
and therefore participates in struggling and slowing down oxidative processes (physiologically normal,
like our aging, as well as those due to endogenous environmental factors
and exogenous: stress, drug intake, atmospheric pollution, etc.). which can
in a short time whiten hair , weaken them or even break them again
it is in this context that we let’s incorporate this into our recipe
Many of you will shout sos I n I have no clarified butter
, then you can replace it with butter of raw shea butter as you want it or even
liquid shea butter like what is in the bottle
Once everything is good with the ingredients Break your egg into a vase, add it
your half lemon In parallel for those who want more
results you can mix the butter shea butter and clarified butter
to be exceptional for this treatment And now if you also suffer from falls
hair, then you, nature do you not to spoil, in addition to everything you
just prepare, take a red onion , cut it into small pieces, pass the
in the blender and extract the precious nectar ,
Since clarified butter and butter Shea are oils I will advise you
to make them in liquid form to be able to mix well
Boil water let slowly come back the solution in, once it’s good
pour it all into your onion juice, and let stand at room temperature, a
Once it’s cool, you can mix with the other ingredients How to use Apply this on your beard, hair,
the areas where the hair fell, take a newspaper, and let a small stream flow
hour, it is that it pique a little, but respect the time of work, once it is
good, do your champooing and your after champooing
Repeat as much as you can yes abuse of this, the more you apply it
the faster your hair gets you results Here is a complete recipe, and very relevant
to heal your white hair, your beard , boost the shoot, and especially make them
stronger and stronger Thank you for watching this until
last I tell you very soon for new videos and share share share
From here, take great care of yourself


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