Astigmatism: What is it? How can it be treated?

Welcome to Eye Care in Focus where we try
to make vision care and eye health more clear for you I’m Dr. Jordan Netzel and today we’re
talking about Astigmatism So what is astigmatism all it really means is that your cornea that
clear window in the front part of your eye is not perfectly spherical it’s kind of flat
going one direction and a little more curved going the other way almost creating two different
prescriptions depending on which direction of the eye we are talking about you may have
heard somebody describe astigmatism like their eye is shaped like a football well really
we are talking about their cornea just the curvature of the front part of that so if
somebodies cornea was perfectly spherical it wouldn’t have any astigmatism they could
still be near sighted or far sighted but no astigmatism when the cornea is shaped more
like this it’s more steep going one direction and more flat going the other way and thats
where the football analogy comes from. So what are the symptoms of astigmatism Well
blurry vision for starters but also squinting eye strain and also glare especially at night
So what causes astigmatism it’s mostly just genetics just the way you were made you probably
didn’t do anything to make that astigmatism happen but things like an injury to the cornea
that cause a scar can induce some astigmatism developing cataracts can also cause some astigmatism
to show up An astigmatism in and of it’s self isn’t a disease but there are different disease
processes that can result in a lot of astigmatism for example Keratoconus is a disease of the
cornea that makes it shaped kind of like a cone and that induces a lot of astigmatism
So then how do we treat it glasses is probably the most common way contact lenses work really
well too more recently soft contact lenses are available at a much wider range of astigmatism prescriptions
to where we can fit most astigmatism patients with a soft contact lens and for large amounts
of astigmatism the kind that would result from that disease keratoconus that we talked
about earlier hard contact might be necessary some people also ask me about lasik yeah lasik
can treat astigmatism depending on the amount, the direction and the thickness of your cornea
This has been eye care in focus I’m Dr. Jordan Netzel see ya next time. If you have a question or a topic you’d like
to see covered send us a message on our Roberts-Philpott Eye Associates facebook page or on instagram
or leave a comment below Bloopers Kerotaconus is a disease of the cornea that
makes the *laughs* you can’t do that. I’m so sorry. mumbles ….. and that’s where the football analogy comes
from. I’m just joking. *laughs*

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