Ask An Eye Doc: What are the black specks floating in my eyes?

– Hi, I’m Dr. Nicole Moos, and this is Ask An Eye Doc where I answer your
questions on social media. (upbeat music) Barbara asks, I see little
black specks moving around. What is that? People sometimes see little
black spots floating around in their vision like you
could reach out and grab it, and it just keeps floating away. And then you look over,
and it keeps floating. What’s going on? So inside the eye,
there’s a jelly material that fills the eye and gives it its shape. Now, sometimes little
clumps of that jelly is floating around in there. It casts a shadow on the back of the eye, and that’s what you see as a floater. Eventually they’ll sink
down to the bottom, and you won’t see them anymore. So there’s not really much to do about it, but like always, it’s a great idea to bring these questions
up to your eye doctor when you go see them for
your yearly eye exam. I hope you learned something today, and if you have anymore
questions, just go on social media and hashtag Ask An Eye Doc. (upbeat music)


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