Ask An Eye Doc: Do your eyes really dilate when you’re in love?

– Hi, I’m Dr. Masoud Nafey, and you’re watching Ask An Eye Doc where I answer your
questions on social media. (upbeat music) Christina asks; a guy told
me you can tell when someone is in love by simply
looking at their eyes. Any truth to that, or is this
just a cheesy pick up line? Well Christina, I’m not
trying to ruin anybody’s pick up line here, but
there is some truth to it. You know, there’s a
physiological response when somebody gets overly excited. Your pupils dilate, it’s called mydriasis. And that can happen if
somebody is in love. What’s funny here is, you get the same physiological
response in your pupil if you see a tiger. (roaring) ‘Cause I can get the same
physiological response in my pupil if I see a
hamburger I’m in love with. (moaning) (laughing) Or it could have just been cupid. Oh my. That’s it for today, thanks for watching. Remember, if you have any questions, comment or hashtag ask an eye doc.


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