Argon Laser Trabeculoplasty and Toric lens implant Testimonial From A Patient of Dr. Richardson

Hello, my name is Robert Rajotte. I’m a very satisfied customer!
Dr. Richardson did a wonderful job on my eye. Let me tell you a little story. I’ve had glasses
probably for the last ten years and my optometrist discovered I had high pressure in my right eye. He suggested
that I seek treatment for this. Of course, being a guy I ignored it for a couple of years. It spiked
a little higher, and finally I went to my mother’s doctor, which happens to be Dr. Richardson. And my mother
also, of course, is happy with his services. But a long story short. We had laser surgery that
brought the pressures down. It’s called Argon Laser Trabeculectomy and it was painless. It was a five
minute procedure, and my pressures are perfect. Well, I had a secondary problem. My right eye needed a much
greater correction than my left, which I believe is called anisometropia. I’ve learned a lot, as you can see also, through this process. Anyway, with some consultations with Dr. Richardson, he suggested
I probably could use an intraocular lens implant and I ended up with a toric lens, which also
corrected my astigmatism. Long story short, the lens was implanted and everything went well.
Three to four weeks
after surgery, you go get your other glasses. My optometrist looked at the correction I had after
Dr. Richardson had done, and he stopped. He paused, and he was baffled and he says, “This guy’s good!”
He said it three times. “This guy’s good! You have almost no astigmatism. We’ll call it zero. You’re barely near
sighted. Your eye is like perfect, and your pressures are perfect.” All testimony to Dr. Richardson’s skill
and education, and I recommend him to anybody. Come here!
I was satisfied, and I’m sure you will be. He’s professional. He’s got the steadiest hands I’ve ever seen in a
human, and when he touches your eye, it’s unbelievable. He’s a gifted surgeon, and I recommend you come
to see Dr. Richardson. Robert Rajotte, pleased customer.

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