Apple Launches 15 MacBook Pro With Force Touch Trackpad & 27 Retina iMac For $2,000

Apple launches 15? MacBook Pro with Force
Touch trackpad and 27? Retina iMac for $2,000 Apple has announced that it’s bringing its
pressure-sensitive “Force Touch” trackpad technology to the 15-inch MacBook Pro, two
months after it was made available on its latest MacBook and MacBook Pro. The Force Touch trackpad sports a “taptic
engine” for haptic feedback, similar to what you get when interacting with a smartphone’s
screen, while the trackpad also detects “force” meaning you can click anywhere on the trackpad.
There are no buttons as such, and you can customize the level of pressure required to
action a “click.” The upgrade for the 15-inch MacBook Pro isn’t
restricted to touchpads, however — its flash storage has also been given a boost, while
longer battery life is promised alongside faster graphics. Additionally, Apple is introducing a new $1,999
version of its gargantuan 27-inch Retina iMac, and to do so it has cut Apple’s Fusion Drive
technology from the machine, meaning it just has a normal 1TB drive. At the upper-end of
the iMac spectrum, Apple has also scythed the price of the top-end 5K iMac model to
$2,299 that represents a $200 price drop from when it first went on sale last October.

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