Apple 15″ MacBook Pro Retina: Unboxing & First Look (NEW – Late 2013)

What’s up guys, Today I’m going to unbox the all new MacBook
Pro from late Oktober 2013. Apple just announced this MacBook Pro last Tuesday, so let’s get
started! So here we have the 15 inch Macbook Pro with
Intel Core i7 2.0 ghz model still in de box. Let’s take a look inside.
Inside you can see the New MacBook Pro. Apple didn’t change anything to the design but of
course they did a nice hardware upgrade. With the Macbook put on the side, we can see
what else is left to cover. You get a designed by Apple box with a starters guide for the
basic information, A Macbook Pro warranty guide, Apple Stickers and a cleaning cloth. You then get a MagSafe 2 Power Adapter with
the AC wall plug. But you can also use the extension cord to charge your macbook from
a 3 meter distance. The New Macbook Pro has a stunning Retina
Display and a 720p FaceTime HD camera, dual built-in mics and stereo speakers, which was
also seen on the previous generation. But the biggest improvements are the 4th generation
intel core i7 processor and the new Intel Iris Pro Graphics chip. Yes, these processors
are ready for about anything. What else is under the hood. Well on the left
side we got the Magsafe 2 port, two Thunderbolt 2 ports, a usb port and a headphone port. On the right side we got the second USB 3
port, a HDMI port and a SDXC card slot. So that was the unboxing for now.
I’m really happy with this new MacBook Pro. I think it’s really fast, light and thin.
Stay tuned for the review which will be online fairly soon. So check that out, if you don’t
want to miss it, be subscribe to my YouTube channel right here and I’ll see you guys next
time. Peace!


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