Another Eye Surgery? πŸ‘

– [Tim] Doctor appointment
number 600 something (laughs) it feels like. (upbeat music) – Livia was born with
a cataract in her eye which means the lens was cloudy. So when she had that surgery
they take out her lens, she doesn’t have a lens so she
wears a contact lens instead. But the risk about her surgery was she could develop glaucoma, which is pressure in her eye. And that pressure can take
away her peripheral vision, and then eventually just
close all the way into her. She would be blind if
it doesn’t get fixed. So that’s why we’ve had
a lot of pressure checks on her if you follow me on
Instagram I update on those, real time every time we do them. And so today we’re getting one last check to see if she needs glaucoma surgery. (light music) – [Tim] You lose your contact lens? – [Dana] And we spit up. – [Tim] This is our… Issue cause it doesn’t stay
in and we keep losing it. – [Dana] Looks like its on
there, you can see the bump on her eye lid. I don’t see it, oh it’s down in here. – [Tim] Down in there. Get it back up. Tomorrow we have an
appointment for you Livia. We get your contacts refitted. – [Dana] Where did it go? There it is. – [Tim] It’s off to the side. I saw it. – [Dana] Is it back on? (instrumental music) This surgery if she does need it, is going to be a very small surgery. We’re gonna do, the doctor
will do the least amount that he would need to
do to hopefully fix it. And if that doesn’t work, then there’s a chance that she would need glaucoma surgery again. So we’re praying that today, pressure is low and we won’t need surgery. (instrumental music) Tim has had 20/20 vision which would be great if all our kids can follow in his footsteps
and not my footsteps. I’ve had glasses since
I was in fourth grade and wore contacts for awhile. But we’re gonna see, how Tim’s vision is. So on the computer over
here they have some letters. So and then, here is a mirror
to make it even farther away. – I gotta get down and read it. – [Dana] You gotta cover an eye. Cover your right eye. (mumbles) – [Tim] H, you’re blocking it. O, P? – [Dana] No. Through your other eye, other eye. – T, H – [Dana] Close your other eye! – [Tim] Other eye?
(Dana laughs) – Now this one’s all blurry. – [Dana] Can you read the line above it? – H… Zero, oh. S, T? – [Dana] No, go one line above that. You didn’t get through
farther than two lines. You messed up on the V’s and the O’s. – I just got the P and the V wrong. – [Dana] There’s no P. You don’t the perfect vision. Makes me feel better. (both laugh) But not for our kid. I would rather Tim not
have issues with it. I’m just very blind if
I take my glasses off. My hand’s in focus right here. That’s really bad. So y’all are all blurry right now. The cataract that Livia has
is not hereditary though. My vision, my poor vision is hereditary. So there’s a good chance that our kids will have to have glasses. I was talking to Hannah
about that the other day and she’s like, “You
had it in fourth grade?” ‘Cause she’s getting close to fourth grade and she’s like, “No!” (giggles) With Livia only having
one cataract in her eye that ruled out the hereditary deal. If it’s hereditary, or genetic, than babies are usually
born with two cataracts in their eyes. They have a parent that has it and they have a grandparent that has it. But with just one, the
reason we had to have, they got us into the
doctor’s office right away because with just one, there was a risk that she had a tumor in her eye and that it wasn’t just a cataract. But the tumor thankfully got ruled out on Christmas Eve, and we
were able to enjoy Christmas. (light music) She’s doing good, and
I feel like I’m doing a whole lot better with
all these pressure checks and everything. If she has to have surgery again, we’ve already gone through it once, and she did good. (sighs) So I don’t think it would be as nerve-wracking for a second time. It’s still not enjoyable,
like I wouldn’t look forward to it, but just knowing
she’s in good hands. They’ve taken care of her once and I think they can do it again. – [Tim] I like your smiles. You stick your little tongue out. – [Dana] Livia. – [Tim] Oh, you smile for mommy. – [Dana] Hi sweet, are you gonna talk? – [Tim] You’re gonna
talk a little bit too. (giggles) – [Tim] You are so cute. – [Dana] Are you gonna tell
everyone the good news? – [Tim] What’s the good news? – [Dana] Say no surgery just yet at least. – [Tim] You don’t need surgery? Yay! (upbeat tempo music) So yes, good news, the pressure
hasn’t totally gone away. It’s still a little
high, but not high enough where the doctor feels like we need to schedule surgery right away. So we’re gonna go another
week, week and a half and- – Without her oral medication. She’s been on an oral medication that keeps the pressure down for sure. So this is the first
time, last time she went without her oral medication,
her pressure rose pretty good. This is the first time she’s been off of her oral medication and her
pressure isn’t really high. And it’s actually at a decent pressure to keep putting off surgery. – Yeah. So we’re excited and thankful. And looking forward to
hopefully no surgery. Now what floor are we on again? Two right? – [Dana] Yeah. – [Tim] There we go. – Back home. During the week I am
learning that I just have to give up my nap, give up my expectation of taking a nap. It’s very difficult to do,
to have seven kids cooperate, to be quiet enough, or
napping enough for me to nap. So not happening. So right now, before
Livia needs to eat again, I’m trying to work on dinner. I am struggling, getting
back to meal planning and figuring out what is simple enough. That won’t take me all day long to cook. I think I’m gonna do taco meat. I feel like we’re doing
tacos a lot lately. Oh! We have tortillas, Yes! I actually have stuff to do tacos. I am so happy and so excited that Livia does not need surgery right now. – We talked with you guys in our last vlog about how we’re trying to reduce the amount of time our kids
spend in front of a screen. And I think it’s going pretty well ’cause it’s been several
days since they’ve even watched TV, played a video
game, anything like that. And having nicer weather has
made that so much easier. – The twins got a early nap and are now up and ready to play. (yells excitedly) – [Dana] Yes! I will put those on. – Thankfully today was a really nice day weather-wise outside. It was warm, pretty windy, but very nice. And it was great for
the kids to get outside and to play and to play in
the woods behind our house. And just have fun getting some fresh air. (light music) – We’re having so much fun
in the woods back here. We made stones so- (trails off) (music continues) – [Dana] Is the wind blowing your hat? – Yeah. – [Dana] Yeah? I love you. It’s a windy day. It feels good huh? (giggles) Where is Charis? Peek-a-boo! The kids spent all
afternoon playing outside. It was wonderful. I forget how amazing it is when the kids are all outside. The house doesn’t get as messy. The house isn’t as loud. Mommy’s a lot happier. Hey! (mumbles) – [Dana] Go get in your chair. – [Tim] Twins are learning to drink without the lids on their cup. So what happens is most of
the water goes on the bib and fills up the little
pool down in there. (couging) I can imagine we’ll have lots of hiccups and burps after this. Guess what little girl? You reached your two hours of patching. You can take this off now. Ready? There you go. Yeah. Now you can look around with both eyes for the rest of the evening. There’s a lot going on today, not just at the hospital, but everything that goes along with raising a big family of seven little kids. Dana getting dinner together,
the kids playing outside. But through all of it, the main thing that I know Dana and I are both thinking is just how thankful we are that Livia’s pressure is
down, and that for now, we’re not scheduling another surgery. Thank you all of you for
your tremendous support throughout this journey with Livia. We really appreciate all your tweets, your Instagram comments,
your YouTube comments. Everywhere you guys interact with us we really do appreciate all you support. So thank you guys so much for being a part of this journey with us. We’re looking forward to
seeing how she continues to develop and what this
story means for her over time. And if this is your first time here, we’d love to have you follow along, because we got new videos every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
where we’re just exploring how do we grow together as a big family, overcoming all the different
obstacles and pressures and conflicts and expectations and everything that goes along with it. So join us, and we’ll see
you guys again on Monday. Have a great weekend, bye.

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