Amazonian Cataract Project

AMDAF is an NGO created to deliver healthcare to people with no access to health service People who live in remote areas and have no opportunity to receive specialized care, …general, dental and ophthalmological Organizing a surgical action requires a well organized plan for every single step In ophthalmology, anesthesia, reception… …it is a very complex set up, we need to think from the pen we use… …to the expensive technological devices used in the surgery itself We respect their beliefs, where their healer has a very important role In terms of Ophthalmology, this healer usually can not solve issues like cataract and pterygium, …so we offer our services Disorders on the normal visual development in children can lead to important issues… …on their learning and development in general When in school I couldn’t see what was written on the board Since there are no walls in the classroom, …reflexion of the sun makes it even harder to see Most of the complaints are related to near vision impairment, …called presbyopia and can be corrected with spectacles Patients whose visual impairment is due to refractive error can leave the consultation with spectacles So 80 to 90% of the patients with spectacle prescription received glasses right then and there I remember this girl who had a very high ametropia, about 5 or 6 degrees She was 6 years old, her sisters had no visual impairment, neither did her friends There were other children there and she was the only one with that visual disorder… …keeping her isolated from the group After that, she began her activities, …running around to play with the others She seemed to be fascinated, looking around in all directions With her glasses she now has almost 100% of vision We count with the best surgeons in the world, …who help us always considering the particularities of each region. And the result is that in a short period of time, they have their sight restored Mr. Reinaldo, can you see well? Yes! I can see 100 meters ahead! Better already? That’s an opportunity to bring these people back to their social life, …an opportunity to give them back their previous routine Now that you can see, what are you going to do? And he said “I’m gonna work!” I can see very clear We don’t expect anything back from them, …even because their way of appreciating something is different from what we are used to Many times they offer to paint our arms and legs with paints from their culture as fishes… …or the “Quarup” theme, their most important festivity It is an honor, that’s how they show they’re thankful to us. Year by year, the surgeries and the services offered by the AMDAF are kept free of any charge, …glasses and drops are donated, …and all the professionals involved remain as volunteers

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