Agustina: Sembuh Dari Rabun Jauh / Healed From Myopia (English Subtitle Inc)

A true story of healing miracle in KPPI (Praise and Divine Healing Service) Praise be to God who has done miraculous things Let us watch the healing miracle that happened to Agustina Mila, who was healed from nearsightedness (myopia) for one year My name is Agustina Mila. I come from Southwest Sumba Regency I suffered from nearsightedness (myopia) It started in October 2016 I was working in Belitung I was reading my handphone and suddenly I felt my eyes watery My eyes became blurred when I was reading my handphone When I saw a lamp, it became doubled, could be four or five lamps, and my sight became blurry My sight became blurred when seeing distant objects In 2016 I would get this kind of symptom twice a day In 2017 to 2018 I had this symptom once a month My eyes got watery and hardly see anything One day while I was sweeping our porch, suddenly my sight got blurred Everything I saw , even plants, looked totally green Another day I was walking around my complex, at the play ground, suddenly I felt a severe headache that caused me fall and then I stopped to sit down I couldn’t see anything and my eyes became watery So that my sight became blurry After a few minutes my eyes became normal then I could go back home One of my friends told me about KPPI and asked me to come I finally attended KPPI Hold my hands Lord, never let it go You are my hope of my life By the Stripes of Jesus, all our sicknesses are healed Hallelujah, our sister here suffered from nearsightedness for 1 year When she arrived here her sight was blurry when seeing distance objects When you came here, was your sight blurred? Yes, right.. How is it now, after being prayed? I am already healed Already see clearly now? Yes, I can see clearly Who has healed you? Lord Jesus Hallelujah, nearsightedness problem has been healed.. I am very grateful to the Lord, who has healed my eyes from nearsightedness problem My eyes are not watery anymore I already can see clearly distance object Now I can do my daily activities well How great is our God who has healed nearsightedness problem Now Agustina Mila can see clearly and do her daily activities well. Hallelujah. For the Lord is a God of justice;
Blessed are all those who wait for Him. (Isaiah 30:18)

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