Advantages of LenSx Cataract Surgery

In traditional cataract surgery we make
manual incisions using very sharp blades. This allows us access to the inside of
the eye to then break up the cataract with an ultrasound machine. With the lenS, laser assisted cataract system, we’re able to use a femtosecond laser which is
very fast and precise to make all of our corneal incisions. We also use the laser
to make small incisions on the surface of the eye which allows reduction in
astigmatism. The laser will also open up the lens capsule and soften the cataract.
This allows us to use less power and less time inside the eye removing the
cataract. What this does ultimately is provides us with much better
post-operative results and it reduces complications for the patients. The
majority of the patients we’ve done with the LenSx system have no dependence
or a much reduced dependence on glasses and contact lenses.

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