A Remedy for Pterygium

This is a turnip there’s also daikon
daikon is that the same shape as this same shape and size as this carrot was
originally but it’s a turnip and it’s they’re considered to be really good for
the liver and the gallbladder and they’re considered to be detoxing for
the blood. So nobody or very few people would think and say hey you know I want
to eat turnip today. And so I didn’t do it today when I was demonstrating for you
but one thing that I like to do is I’ll put half a turnip if I make
a tray of vegetables to bake in the oven I’ll add half a turnip to
that so when I blend in to make soup or when we eat it we get to eat a little
bit of turnip every day. Marco? What is that condition called when people start
having growths? When the white part starts growing over the iris it’s called
terijio in Spanish. Would you find the name for that in English? It’s actually
it’s a condition where the white of the eye starts getting like meaty and
overlapping the iris. Have you never seen it? You’ve seen it? Okay and so I started getting that in my actually my late twenties we were
living in Mississippi and there were some family members that had that so it
concerned me very much now in Chinese medicine (and macrobiotics is associated
to Chinese medicine) they believed that the eyes are connected to the liver and
so I figured if this is maybe associated with the liver I’m gonna detox my
liver and see if that helps. And so I never ate enough turnips or
radishes or daikon which are supposed to be the things that are really good for
your liver. But in macrobiotics they do this when
they’re going to eat steak and they shred the turnip and they serve it and you may have seen
it in some Asian restaurants if you order a steak that they’ll have a little
bit of turnip, shredded turnip or horseradish in the middle of the steak
and that’s because these things the horseradish and the turnip are going
to help you digest the fats in the steak better. And so I tried to eat this
and it was impossible for me to eat it because I so don’t like it. And so I’m
figured okay what am I going to do you know I really need to do this. So it
was it was getting pretty pretty bad it wasn’t pretty.
Y’know the white was every month getting a little bit more and I just
definitely didn’t like it and I was concerned it was what if it was a sign
of actually something going off with my with my liver or my gallbladder and so I
started doing this. You have to do it with an empty stomach so you
either do it first thing when you wake up in the morning or you do it at night a
couple of hours after dinner and you need to get a shredder that’s very fine
you know those metal shredders won’t work ideally you would have a ceramic
shredder so those are really hard to find and I know this is plastic and
using plastic is not ideal but in this case I thought you know the benefits
would outweigh them the problems this is also the type of shredder
you would use for ginger and so I started doing this you know just from
getting the idea from the bit of turnip that they would put on steak and
I started doing this: shredding about half an inch of a turnip or a daikon and
getting the juice out and then you drink it …and it’s not tasty you follow with a
half a glass of water and it can be room temperature water but it feels a little
better it’s a little bit warm water so I did this every night for… Actually you
know first I tried it when Marco and I had eaten out and ate something too
rich too late to see if that would help me and it helped tremendously and so you
know the the liver helps us digest and process fats and so I figured what if
this is true? And so I tried it and in six months the condition had reverted completely
Completely! And it never came back! (Audience: Wow!) and so
I’m not saying this is a cure for that I’m just sharing I’m not saying anybody
else you do it but eating turnips or turnip juice like this it’s gonna
be good for people you know unless there’s an allergy or some condition that I don’t
know exists but if there is a condition where a person should not eat
turnips don’t do it but it’s um it’s really good for you
it’s a really good for you root and so um I would like for other people
to try it and let me know if it worked for them you know people who have that
condition and I actually could see it like like when you rewind the movie I
actually see it disappear in the same way it appeared. And so again if you are having
digestive problems you know if you feel like you get sick or you get a sentence
after you eat fats might be a good thing to try too

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