A Man Goes in for Cataract Surgery & Comes Out Blind – NY Malpractice Attorney Nicholas Warywoda

A gentleman goes in for cataract surgery and
ends up blind. Hi. My name is Nichols Warywoda, I’m with Parker Waichman. Let me tell you
a little bit about my client. I represented a gentleman who went in for cataract surgery
and during the surgery the doctor screwed up. He ended up improperly placing the lens
and as a result, the lens ended up causing serious damage to his eye. And as result,
unfortunately, my client ended up blind. After I took this case, I brought an action against
the doctor for his malpractice. And I took this case to trial. And during the trial,
the defendant doctor’s insurance company settled this case for a very large number
during the trial. Because the testimony was so damaging against the doctor, the insurance
company and the doctor offered my client a substantial settlement to settle the case
for his injuries. Now, obviously you have questions. Call me. I would be happy to answer
any questions you have about this situation. So, pick up the phone. Call me at the number
below and I would like to answer any questions you have. Again, my name is Nicholas Warywoda.
Call me and thank you for watching.

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